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  1. Monkey79

    Week 10

    Sorry, have not blogged in a while. I have reached week 10 and am seeing some results. The scars and redness on my cheek and forehead have reduced by 25%. I was eager to do the Obagi peel to increase the results but my doctor has said that the product does 90% of the work and is far more effective than the peel. So I am going to complete another 12 weeks worth of product and make a decision then. I have paid for a package of two Obagi kits and a peel. Overall I would have to say that the
  2. Monkey79

    Week Four

    Well my skin has calmed down. My face is still dry in a few places but overall has returned to normal. I have broken out a little on my chin. I had one big lump that developed on my chin but thankfully disappeared after two days. I cannot say I am impressed at this point I have not seen much of a change with my skin. Phase one is six weeks so I do technically have two weeks before I am supposed to see a new skin revealed. We shall see!!!!
  3. Monkey79

    Week three

    Yeah, I am very happy as my skin is not as dry around my mouth/chin. I spoke to one of the nurses at the clinic I am going to and she suggested I use very little tretonin around my mouth. If you are going to use Obagi I would go very easy around your mouth/chin. On the rest of my face I have been slathering it on with very little peeling, not sure if it will be more of a subtle peel overall? I have not noticed any significant changes to my scars or overall appearance. I should notice some c
  4. Monkey79

    Week Two

    Okay, I have entered my second week and I am really looking forward to getting over the dryness and flaking. It is actually difficult to smile as my face is so tight and sore. But my skin is looking better in that my pores are smaller and a few discolorations on my face have disappeared. I am crossing my fingers that by the end of the week my skin will not be so dry and the redness will be gone. P.S. I did cheat and use a little moisturizer around my mouth
  5. Today was the first day I began to feel very self conscious on the Obagi. My skin is very red and dry. I have really started to peel around my mouth and chin, large flakes of skin. I have a circle of red skin that encompasses my mouth and chin. I have been slathering on the sunblock but truly it does not help with the flaking skin and redness, it offers only momentary relief. I have been fantasizing about using moisturizer but I am staying strong. I bloody better have beautiful skin by the end!!
  6. Last night I started my Obagi treatment. I have purchased the full kit for normal to oily skin and plan on having an Obagi blue peel in 18 weeks. I am quite nervous as I have heard that the first two weeks will be awful. My skin will be red, raw and flaky. I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 to 21. I was able to go on Accutane and did not suffer from outbreaks afterwards. However, I was left with scarring on my cheeks, forehead and chin. Although I am told the scars are not noti