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  1. Well I have an acne light lightbulb, no where near as powerful as a laser... and I am seeing a lot of posts on the accutane thread about hair loss or other extreme side effects even post treatment, 1.: Is this the norm with accutane or are message boards just magnets for treatments that go wrong and only effect a minority of patients? 2: Does anyone know the answer to my first question, "are breakouts expected when first beginning accutane?" 3.: Is 80mg a day for 5 months sound extreme? or is th
  2. After 8 years of Acne and some scarring I have tried almost everything over the counter including going gluten/dairy/and processed food free as well as only organic cleansers and moisturizers for many months.I have tried endless different vitamins and supplements with no major improvement except pantothenic acid(vitamin b5). I was also on minocin/minocycline for about 4 months and saw good results but had a few unsavory side effects. My dermatologist has now put me on accutane and I started it 6
  3. 1. Why are omega 6's bad? 2. Why four times as much 6 than 3, if 6's are bad. 3. What about ratio compared to omega 9's? 4. and what are the best kinds of 3's,6's and 9's, and combinations of them?
  4. I'd like a copy of this book for the sole purpose of the info in it, I hear it's impractical due to the costs of what he wants you to do, but if I had the money, I'd do it. So if anyone it generous enough to send me a copy, It would be very helpful.
  5. If anyone is generous enough to send me a a copy of the e-book as well, It would be extremely kind of you, I've scoured the internet for a torrent/free download for it, but can't find it. I would buy it, but don't think it's worth paying for from what this thread says.
  6. The fatty acid thread seems to be under construction, and I would like precise answers to my questions, so I decided to just make a new thread about them. A few questions regarding Omega 3's,6's,9's: 1-What is the optimum dosage of omega 3's, 6's, and 9's for someone trying to fight acne, and will mega dosages help more? 2-Can You take too much, and if so, are there consequences/symptoms. 3-What are the best types and combinations of omega 3's, 6's, and 9's for acne. example:(borage oil vs. ev
  7. Well a factor that would really help me determine what foods are causing this reaction would be how long it takes to form acne after eating the bad food, because I can never really get accurate results, I could eat perfectly healthy,exercise,drink plenty of water, and still get acne every day, and then cheat for 3 days straight because I go see some relatives and they feed me nothing but greasy/unhealthy food and I will not break out at all. My brother told me it takes two weeks for acne to "for
  8. yes alternativista, I was not gluten free at that point, I had whole oatmeal in my diet at that point, not gluten free. and I believe I read somewhere on her that reoccurring acne near the chin area was hormonal? I'm not sure though. and yes davidthesinking, I use all natural skincare regimen, and drink 2.4 quarts of filtered well water each day, as well as 30 min of exercise. and I don't cheat on my diet. and if all this isn't working there is obviously something wrong with me. I was thinkin
  9. No visible improvement after I quit the gluten or added vegetables, I've been gluten free for 6 weeks. and have done the vegetables for 6 weeks as well. I cut out unnatural/processed sugars long before that, only sugars I get is from fruit for breakfast. I only drink filtered well water, no other drinks. I can never tell if my skin is getting less oily or more oily because I always keep it hydrated with jojoba oil, I feel as though its usually just normal, not oily, and never dry. but my forehea
  10. Do derma-rollers work, has anyone here tried them, and are how affective are they for acne scars? http://www.derma-rollers.com/24/derma-roll...CFYsbQgodqy7DXQ Please share what you know, I am very interested in buying one if they work.
  11. An update on my new/current regimen: I use nothing but organic cleansers on my face, and they are mild, as to not irritate my skin, and I use pure jojoba oil to moisturize. I exercise 30 min a day and my diet is: dairy free/gluten free/processed sugar free, I drink 2.5 quarts of water a day, eat nothing but: salad(romaine/butter lettuces/spinach leaves/some garden mix(iceberg/carrots/red cabbage)with mushed up baked sweet potato and black beans mixed in, and a tablespoon of pure olive oil), ve
  12. Well I can agree with you on most of your post. But there is a flaw, Acne is not a disease, because the cause is different for everyone, it is merely a symptom of something else wrong with your body, or multiple things. When I was in high school and started to get acne, I ate a terrible terrible diet, lots of sugar, candy, soda, junk food every day(I did that until I was 20). But at that time I had no idea diet and lifestyle, played such a large role in your body, I was young a stupid. I thought
  13. I take 3000mg of MSM a day, which is natural sulfur, definitely helps my skin, ever since I started taking it, it seems that any acne I do get, heals much faster, perhaps because of the collagen creation mentioned above^^^?
  14. So about 9 months ago my doctor(not dermatologist) prescribed me tetracycline for acne, after being on that for 2 months, with little to no results he switched me over to Minocycline(Minocin) 50mg, twice a day. and after 6 or 7 weeks it started to work, My skin started to clear up nicely, but not completely, I have now been off of it for 5 months and have been trying to find the actual cause of my acne, as I know everyone has different triggers, and there are sooo many variables, I have switche
  15. So I'm wondering why there isn't some guy making these out of his garage and selling them on ebay, making a nice profit without overpricing. And for the prices you see these things at, you'd think you would see advertisements for them everywhere. Edit: Wow, there is, cgi.ebay.com/Blue-Acne-LED-Phototherapy-Photon-Light-12-X12-Array-/120732058783?pt=US_Skin_Care&hash=item1c1c31049f cgi.ebay.com/ACNE-Therapy-Photo-Rejuvenation-Photon-Light-412-LEDs-/250609322970?pt=US_Skin_Care&hash=i