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  1. im with SV....hang in there, im on week 12, and although ive made other changes, this last couple of weeks, other than a break out in the middle, ive gone 4 days at a time with no new spots (this is very very unusual for me!!) I have had break outs in previously clear areas, but then problem areas have cleared quicker really give it time, unless you think youre having a reaction to it. im glad I did so far.
  2. Sboo

    The Purge

    hang in there, im at week 12 just about, and it is improving when I look back to how it was
  3. well, this last week has been less good. Had a break out of random large deep painful spots. but to be fair they were mainly ones which have been small skin coloured bumps for some time anyway, felt rubbish, it was around my totm, but I usually break out before, and this was after which was odd. before my skin was looking ok, and during really. I changed my diet 3 weeks ago, have cut out all dairy, wheat and refined sugar. Thought it was really working, and think it probably is and I just n
  4. Heyyyy!!!! Love love love to hear this!!! That your skin is the least of your problems, this is excellent news although im sorry if everything else is rubbish x is there a chance that it would break you out...the oil thing???
  5. how long did it take to see results? Ive cut out all dairy and refined sugar, and have so for a good few weeks. things are a lot better, but did get a few new spots pop up yesterday for no obv reason. Hadnt had anything new for 4 days before that, which is unusual!!!
  6. hey, I started 14th jan this year, and yes, ive had issues on my ear lobes!!! flaking and scabbing mainly, but I keep picking it!!! I now make sure I out some protective moisturiser on them before I got to be as it seems to be spreading on the pillow!!! this has helped a lot, you could give it a try on your neck I would say you should probably go back to see your doctor sooner if you think things are not going to plan, although retinoids need at least 12 weeks to work, you should be seeing
  7. I really don't know....the doc I saw wasn't very nice and basically told me to get on with the acne as there wasn't going to be any cure and I needed to live with it!!! She was horrible, said it wasn't that bad and def not bad enough to warrant a derm referral!!! I was wearing makeup, and she has no idea. anyway, I have the cream....but if I have to start worrying if I should have the gel instead on top of everything else then im screwed, lol ps Jack the lad...I'd cut down on the sausage ro
  8. SV, sounds like youre doing really well...leave it alone!!!!! that's what caused all my issues earlier in the week I think. Things are calming down a little I think... trying not to look unless ive got make up on or am about to put it on, lol!!!
  9. Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit quiet, had a lot on! Well, glad to hear you're doing well SV. I was super happy then end of last week, beginning of this week as I was doing so well....very clear, with only the minimal end of spots on the temples and RHJS of my chin. Even the RHS of my face was clearing. The LHS of my face I would say was clear and smooth. Then Monday night I over exfoliated with a microfoliant as soon as I got out of the shower my face was stinging on the front of m
  10. im not brave enough to go without makeup....so vain and stupid i know, but i cant bring myself to
  11. ok, think mines improving again too, fingers crossed!!! I also get very deep painful spots right next to my ears!!! Really difficult to cover up!! Ive got less small bumps i thik. Its not making me to dry or flakey now, that was just in the first two weeks or so. 5 weeks soon
  12. we started our differin on the same day and the acne sounds quite similar, I always describe those little hard things as seeds too!!! lol