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  1. out of interest whats your accutane skin care routine? it might not be that your skin isnt completely immune from potentially pore clogging ingredients in your moisturizers which is causing the clogged pores
  2. low dose as in you'll be on it indefinitely or until you reach the cumulative dose? i was sort of under the impression NHS derms wouldnt do that kind of non conventional dosing **my bad, just noticed you went private!!
  3. two products have recently came onto the market that are PERFECT for this type of skin (i happen to be cursed with it too) "Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Adjunctive Hydrating Care provides the skin with extra moisture and counteracts the drying out effect often associtaed with medicinal acne therapy. Provides intense hydration Protects against UV rays with SPF 30 Prevents hyperpigmentation (dark marks) after an inflammed spot Effectively reduces skin blemishes Minimizes oil shine
  4. use a really full coverage product like la roche toleraine teint or vichy dermablend and dab it on kind of heavily over the problem areas (so you cant see through the makeup when you dab it on) and then take a fluffy brush with really fine bristles and blend out from the centre of the problem area. This helps to really fade out the edges of the higher coverage area so it blends in seamlessly. Can look strange if you dont have at least a tinted moisturizer on all over first, but it gives the illu
  5. Assuming youre in the UK so id like to reccomend the best regimen alternatives you can get here which are Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and Cetaphil lotion. You can get them in boots/asda. A tad pricey but they last a long time and are well worth the price considering how much they reduce irritation.
  6. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and Avene skin recovery cream morning and night and your skin will be back to 'normal' in less than 2 weeks. You'll still have acne but the dryness will completely disappear. Both of those products are non comedogenic so they wont break you out.
  7. I got my acne clear using the regimen - I had face/body acne but quite severe back acne. I then started using only water and BP once a day on my back and it was still really clear. I then stopped using BP at all so only water and ive only had a few clogged pores and a small breakout at first but now its clear again (i still have quite a bad diet too lol) - really wanna try it on my face but i had a bad breakout and ive got some dark pigmentation that i need to address with AHA but once my face i
  8. My skin care routine is still the same now as it was on Roaccutane because my skin is still so dry. I appreciate your concern, but I used these two products before Roaccutane as well because they help with PIH and scars so I'm not sure if this is it. If mt skin gets any worse I'll look into changing this so thanks for your advice this is exciting!!!!!! i have both of these products and i loved them when i tried them on my face but i wasnt sure if they broke me out at all. will definitely d
  9. i had the EXACT same thing happen to me with the breakouts just under my jawline/neck - again it stopped as soon as i kept the BP away from there - just reinforces the irritation = acne theory because like you said that area must have been too sensitive for the BP.
  10. whats your skin care routine right now? and what was it on roaccutane? intrigued about the bio oil/cocoa butter. Could start clogging your pores as your oil production returns back to normal hence the small spots around your nose/hairline
  11. minimum time is 2 months but its entirely up to your derm
  12. Thanks for the advice XXYY, will definitely email eucerin as wanted to try their moisturisers but as they're £10 a bottle for not a massive amount I was a bit hesitant (as already wasted my money on other moisturisers), so the samples idea is fab, thanks!Sorry I got my facts mixed up, or names rather, I was thinking of asking my GP for Epiduo (2.5% BP and 0.1% adapalene) not Duac. I got myself confused as I was looking up all the available BPs to UK patients in the BNF - have you had any experie
  13. Duac is actually 5% as for your dryness - what cleanser are you using? you would be surprised at how much cleanser-caused dryness is blamed on BP. "water optional" non foaming cleansers are best - cetaphil gentle skin cleaser, avene extremely gentle (to name a couple - most 'dermatological skincare brands do them, think la roche posay, bioderma) Eucerin do loads of really good non comedogenic moisturizers - if you email them on their website outlining your problem they'll send you a few sam
  14. Avene skin recovery cream!!!! has saved my life numerous times ive detonated nuclear bomb type acne medications on my face :) The light version is non comedogenic so it wont break you out (never broke me out either). I think its clear the epiduo isnt suitable for your skin - a bit of redness/dryness/flaking is normal but what you describe sounds like an allergic reaction/intolerance. The rash shouldnt be permanent but it might take a week or two for the redness to fully die down.
  15. I dont think alcohol itself really has any effect on acne (that ive noticed) because even though its generally considered *bad* for you it doesnt really play much of a part in the formation of acne. Its probably the other ingredients in beer that might be improving it, but im not in the mood to get too sciency over it. People will try and shoot this topic down straight away (see sunlight/acne threads) and i think thats very closed minded and ignorant - probably the people who dont drink and wi