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  1. thanks, both of you. I'll be sure to look for light shades.
  2. I don't really wear blush that often, but I am so pale that I thought it might be nice to try. How do you know what shade to choose?
  3. I think it might just be that I am using fortune city to host oh well! This is the link anyway --> Baby Fortune city used to work for me But I haven't posted pictures in a couple of years at least. Maybe they changed something...
  4. babies are so cute edit-- bah... i don't know how to post images here!
  5. Actaully, I have already tried the regimen from this site. My skin is so sensitive it was too harsh. It did clear me pretty well for a short time (and fairly quickly, too, but possibly because my acne is pretty minor most of the time) but then my acne came back again. No idea why. Oh well. The red flaking face wasn't that much better than the acne anyway. Plus, until I tried the regimen Dan suggested red marks were not quite as much of a concern, and now my face is like one giant red mark instea
  6. Has anyone heard of or tried the Reversion Acne Control products? I was thinking about ordering it but I am not sure yet... I'm trying to decide between this and Murad. Here is a link to the Reversion site if any of you want to look. --> Reversion Acne Control Please tell me what you think. It looks ok to me, but then I fall for about everything that promises to clear up acne. Plus, the fact that their message boards have been inactive for over a year is a little sketchy.
  7. Is it important to get a sunscreen specifically for the face? Or is it ok to use the same sunscreen on your face that you use on your body? I have a Coppertone sunscreen called Ultra Sheer. It says it is oil free and non-comedogenic but it is not just for the face. Since it's non-comedogenic could I use it on my face anyway? I wasn't sure how important it was because the same Ultra Sheer Coppertone line sells one designed for the face only. The only difference I noticed is the one for the body
  8. Thank you both I'm a bit worried about this Lo version of Ortho now. A website I found had people on there saying their acne became worse from using it (or they had acne for the first time due to using it). At least now I know if I do happen to break out that it could just be normal for me and I should give it awhile to see what happens. That helps. Thanks again.
  9. I haven't used many self tanners because I'm such a chicken and have had bad experiences in the past. The best one I tried was made by Coppertone. In my opinion it looked pretty natural when I compared it to my friends' real tans. It's called Endless Summer. You may have seen it before in Wal Mart or Target stores. I used the lightest one they offered because I have extremely pale skin to begin with. I've noticed they also started selling a self tanner in the Endless Summer line specifically f