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  1. Thanks guys, glad to see I'm not the only one that gets these. I used to get them on my temples but haven't got one of those in a while (crosses fingers). I"ll just stick to my normal regimen and leave it alone. @happy24, that's exactly how the ones on my temple used to get, just red and once the swollen stage was over it just took a while to heal. I'll keep you guys updated
  2. Soooo, about a week ago i got this thing on my cheek. it started out SLIGHTLY swollen, but then after one night (apply epiduo daily) it got flat and the skin on top of it kept getting killed. it doesn't hurt, is flat, but just very red. I'm extremely confused as to what this is. No head, no puss, just a red spot, and when epiduo is applied the it becomes dry and the skin flakes off. Not a good pic, but just to get you guys an idea of it
  3. Hmm..not sure. My derm gave me clindamycin and it started giving me some problems after about 4-5 months. Worked beautifully before that though. is it gel or on the little sponge applicator?
  4. my derm prescriped me epiduo a couple weeks ago. progress for me has a little sluggish but consistent and good. I get most of my acne on my t zone but i decided to put on my chin and cheeks for a couple days last week and they BURNED FOR DAYS. my chin is still peeling from it. I always always always put spf15 moisturizer on during the day and on days i'm on the sun i put lots of suncreen on my face. DO NOT tan or get a sunburn while on this because it will make the peeling so much worse *EDIT*
  5. They won't, they will however cover them up until the tan fades, but it WILL leave your scars more visible and wreak havoc on your skin.
  6. My derm prescriped me epiduo a couple weeks ago. I have extremely mild acne, so mild that if I was talking to you you probably wouldn't even notice it (i'm a freak, I know). Anyways, I used this stuff a couple weeks ago and went out in the sun and DAMN DID I GET BURNED. do not not not go out in the sun w/o sunscreen while on epiduo or you will regret it lol. I got back on it last night because BP and sunburn=bad idea. I usually will wash my face with water, pat dry, and apply epiduo. A pea size
  7. So after some researching my breakout is from Carleys. The red bumps on my face are clogged pores, and they are ALL over my face, places i've never had a pimple in my entire life.. On another note, does anybody have any recommendations for a good Benzoyl Peroxide scrub that can be used daily? Does anybody have any recommendations as to what to use to help clear this up? I have Peter Thomas roth max complexion correction pads, but I'm worried they may be a bit harsh I also have some prescrip
  8. Thanks for you response, and I've read about that, but wouldn't it break me out immediately if it was clogging pores? I've been using it for over a week with pretty good results
  9. UPDATE, BREAKOUT IS FROM CARLEYS. want to clear this quick. Not really pimples, just red bumps all over my face that are very slightly inflamed but noticeable especially in sunlight Hey guys, I usually lurk these forums but have decided to post for once. Here's the deal Admittedly, I don't really have acne. I had a bad cystic breakout almost 2 years ago and ever since I've been obsessed with my keeping my face clear. I get pimples here and there (probably one pimple every 2 months), i'm just