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  1. is there a soap that contain aloe that is made for facial use?
  2. I told my parents to buy me a Aloe Vera soap (I really wasn't sure of the name). Well they bought a Aloe Soap (it only said Aloe on it ) and at the back it only says its a good hand wash doesnt say anything about a face wash...does this mean that i shouldnt use it on my face and...is the soap product that i want to get even called "Aloe Vera" if not please please PLEASE tell me what the real name is.
  3. I've had a huge pimple under my eye.. I left it alone and everything but I think it exploded on the inside. The pimple looked like it was bleeding under the skin. I knew immediately that it was going to scar and leave at least a brown mark. So I pinched off the upper layer of skin and squeezed out the dark blood followed by the pus.. There is somewhat of a brown mark there (I think its the dried blood) but its going to leave a brown spot for sure..It hasnt even been 24 hours. Anyone kn
  4. I find that normal Dove Bar soaps are the best. And also, many acne free people use it, so heck why not?
  5. BEWARE OF NEUTORGENA PRODUCTS FOR THEY ARE THE CAUSE OF ACNE!!! Well for me, they made me breakout. I'm only in this forum because of that dang nabitted Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash!! ](*,) Anyways, I know many people that breakout severely after using Neutorgena products..
  6. Cali = California? If so, then it would be the States and since I'm in Canada, it would not be tomorrow it would be today. Therefore her birthday is tomorrow not today. For eastern time tomorrow is in 2 hours, Western time tomorrow is in 5 hours!! =P~
  7. You can leave the vinegar on your skin if you want, but if you want to get it off of your skin you can after about 20 minutes since the vinegar probably did it's job by then. I personally wash the vinegar off since I get irratation bumps if I don't (so it seems).
  8. Personally, I think that diet does cause acne! The western civilization is applying all these harsh chemicals onto their faces when most of them do not do anything. Some may think that it's the dirt that is causing the acne, others may not. If we have to clean out face with clean water and any sort of detergent, why don't the children on TV that we see all the time that do not have anything to eat or drink wash? And if they wash they have to wash with dirty water. What I'm getting with the
  9. I think you should try using a moisterizer!
  10. Like what skimz said, to dilute to to make a substance's pH closer to 7 than it normally is. If the vinegar is too strong, add something with the pH of 7, like water. The more water you add, the more neutral its going to be. Many people start off with 1:3 diluted vinegar. This means that there is 1 unit of vinegar to 3 units of water See ya.
  11. I'm korean too..I guess this makes us brothers. OH by the way...Keep sticking to the vinegar method, I think it's going to be good for your red marks!
  12. What you talk about aren't referred to scars so they arent talked about a lot in this section of the forums. Scars are actaully indentation. Your 'spots' will fade in time.
  13. enox~ you're oriental right? Are you chinese, japanese, korean, philipine, etc? I'm oriental too and I rarely see any oriental people in North America
  14. If it's around my cheek area, chin area, or any area which I can shave on, I just shave the dead skin off.