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  1. lemonada

    It works very well on inflamed pimples, cystic, pustule etc made skin more supple and healthy looking eliminates skin redness and irritation. does not seem to work on hormonal acne (menstrual acne for girls) a bit of stomach ache I've used it for a couple weeks now. my skin texture and appearance improved alot. I can say that my skin is lots better than it was before i started taking zinc supplements. The redness of the spots and blablabla has disappeared and the skin tone lo
  2. lemonada

    makes skin soft and tight lights up the skin tone fades scars through time very good for whiteheads and blackheads -does not work on severe acne or highly inflamed acne or cystic acne. -Its a bit itchy and painful at first -sometimes can irritate acne more i think its only for light or moderate acne. I've used it when i had a severe breakout and it did nothing. if anything, it made my spots worse. redder and more irritated. you should not use concentrated
  3. can i still use the Apple cider juice as a toner ???? i dont have the vinegar kind. just the juice...... will it irritate my skin or have no effect?? i cant find the vinegar on store. thankssssssssssss
  4. .hey, buddy. question. I bought apple cider juice instead of apple cider vinegar.. Can i still use it as a toner or do i just drink it??????? PLSSSS Help.. i didnt find any vinegar of the kind in the store. can i still use this on my face topically???????? THANKS! PLS REP ASAP
  5. well said!!! so did it work for you??? the no iodine/no dairy diet??? how did it affect ur skin??
  6. lemonada

    Very moisturizing Wipes off the dirt and make up BIG TIME Perfect for damaged, dry and scaled skin helps acne a little (for some people) Sticky gooey Hard to remove does not work for most people I used this years years ago when my acne wasn't this bad. I had light acne and my problem was dry and red skin because i washed my face too much and didn't use lotions or creams. I put olive oil on my face like a lotion and massage it mostly on my cheeks (driest area)&
  7. lemonada

    It reduces redness reduces size of pimples overnight dries up the pimples/lessen the appearance relieves the pain of cystic acne Will not erase all of your pimples Can be a little drying for sensitive skin I used it for 5 days now and my acne is WAY better. i was actually a bit skeptic before i used it. because the smell was strong (but nice) and some reviews say that it did absolutely nothing to their acne. i bought Humphrey's maravilla lotion because i coul
  8. lemonada

    The texture and smell is nice MAKES SKIN SOFT skin feels tight after rinsing off Makes skin turn red and itchy Makes pimples itchy and worse BREAKS OUT YOUR SKIN!! I saw a lot of good reviews on this yogurt mask. so i decided to try it... I was impressed on the first 2 days i used yogurt mask only. I bought greek yogurt from supermarket and put it on as a mask. It felt tight and smooth on my face. I washed it off and my skin has never been so soft. It felt like it