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  1. bitemeblondie

    Returning acne

    My acne which used to be on the right side of my face has now switched to the left. I have stopped taking oral contraceptives so expected some relapse of my skin but I feel that it is different and worse than before. Any advice for treatment (not hormonal even though this has been all that has worked in the past). Currently using eucerin regime for approx 3 weeks but acne has probably got worse in this time.
  2. bitemeblondie


    omg i love this pill! I went on it last year when I was 15 and I had the same really inflamed stuff around my chin. It was so painful & itchy.. sometimes I took hayfever tablets to stop it it was just around my chin & jawline and I wear a lot of make up anyway even when I don't have acne but I literally had to cake it on and it would just be so heavy so in summer i looked like an idiot! So I went to the doctors to go on the pill as I'd tried everything else and it worked so well! Clear