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  1. Actually, my derm told me that if I couldn't take it with food milk should be fine (or as someone suggested somewhere here, a spoon of peanut butter). As for needing to be awake for absorbtion, let me ask you this: do you think your body shuts down completely when you go to sleep? No. It continues to do what it normally does during the day, such as digest, repair itself, absorb minerals etc from your meals. So no....you DON'T need to be awake for your body to absorb the roaccutane. I'm three mon
  2. Sorry to hear about the bad experiences you've had, but I never experienced anything like that after three years of using BE. I guess some products work well for some people but not so well for others. Good luck with it all hon.
  3. Oh that's cool to know. My patch of weird, flaky, irritated skin comes and goes, but bepanthen (i LOVE that stuff!) always clears it up in two-three days. As long as I don't let it bother me, then the trade-off is fair
  4. Hi, I noticed your on a low dose of Accutane, did your face clear up significantly from even a low does of accutane?

    1. In short, YES, you need to moisturize. Your derm should have told you this already. If you don't moisturize your skin will flake and your PIH marks will last longer. At night I use Cetaphil moisturizing cream. It's thick and rich, but doesn't feel oily at all. My dry skin drinks it up. During the day I use an SPF 30 moisturizer. It does feel a bit oily at first, but that goes away after about 10 minutes, and it doesn't break me out (non comodegenic). If you go out in the sun without sunscreen i
    2. Nope, never. I frequently take it before bed and have done so for the three months I've been on the treatment.
    3. I'm really happy for you 12341234! Good to hear it's working! As for the PIH marks, I'm with Sun-ah-san...mine have faded considerably whilst on the tane. My complexion isn't perfect and they're more prominent when I get flushed, but there has been a very noticeable difference. Don't worry guys, we'll be clear later if not now!
    4. Sure, why not? Provided: -you're not wearing a full face of makeup that needs to be reapplied (pain in the...). -it's at a convenient time/place. -you moisturize aftwerwards. Better yet, get yourself some oil blotting papers. You'll go through them like crazy during this oil purging phase, but it is faster than the whole cleansing and moisturizing routine. Especially if you're out and about.
    5. ^ Nothin'! Sometimes a chuckle is just a chuckle Kelso. 'Cause it is a completely valid question, but something I'm not likely to ask my derm about
    6. What? The poster is just telling us that she's stopping treatment and there's nothing we can say to stop her, and the one question he/she does ask could easily be answered by looking in the logs forum. Let her/him post what they want; this is also a forum to vent and share about the roaccutane experience. That was their experience. How many times have you posted something when you could've just looked through the logs, forum, or asked your derm? Live and let live. Just sayin....
    7. Hmmm...my long vision HAS been blurrier than normal. But then it could be because my eyes are irritated and tired, so I'm not sure. All I know is that I have to sit near the front of my lectures now
    8. Of the "hot and heavy" nature? Unfortunately no.... :cry: I kid, I kid! :D Actually I have a bit, but it might be cos it's getting a lil bit warmer here.
    9. Thanks for the reply guys! Least I know that I'm not crazy or have glandular or whatever. Kelso, I'm not in the fourth month like you but I am in my third. I increased my dosage three weeks ago and from having clear skin in my second month, I suddenly got a major cyst plus a handful of smaller whitehads. Sucks balls but s'all good. At least I know the roaccutane is working for me. And damn! I went to the dentist today for a cleaning...most uncomfortable thing ever!!! Holding your mouth open as