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  1. We have acne so we know what others are going through. I have a friend who also has acne and I get along with her more cause we don't stare at each others faces.. we know we have that issue.... who cares? we don't cause we both are the same. Biggest pet peeve... when people don't look me in the eyes when speaking. Acne or no acne. Just plain annoying!
  2. elsky

    -medium to full coverage -looks natural -pretty cheap compared to high end brands and it measures up funky smell no pump hard to take off This was one of those foundations that really gives you coverage! People who want coverage NEED to remember that it will be harder to take off. I use some jojoba oil first, and then tea trea oil. Works wonderfully! If you don't remove all of it, it can cause breakouts. In the end, its all about trial and error.
  3. Well, i took my first 30mg of optizinc and no stomach irritation whatsoever. Its only the first day but i heard good reviews on how it is less irritating. lets see how this goes....
  4. elsky

    Day 26

    hahha same experience here with putting no makeup on today and not answering the doorbell! Good luck to ya!
  5. did you get tested for any allergies.. or did you just stop eating wheat and dairy? My naturopath didn't give me any zinc or vit d supplements, but I really feel I should include them in my regime.
  6. Im looking to get tested as well. I was tested 6-7 years ago when I was breaing out in hives.. and the dr. said i was allergic to soy. How grand is this.. I pretty much each soy products all the time because Im a vegetarian. what now? im going to start taking it out of my diet and see what happens.
  7. elsky

    Opti Zinc

    Starting OPTI-ZINC tomorrow and *fingers crossed* i hope it really helps! Has anyone had good results with taking 30mg/ 2x daily? I've been on accutane when i was 18, and it completely cleared me, but with major side effects.. big no-no. Because of my relapse 2 years ago, Im still trying this holistic approach.
  8. elsky

    Facial Steamer review

    Do you still use a facial steamer? I was wanting to get one but Im not sure yet. I have cystic acne as well and I feel its getting worse.
  9. elsky

    -helped with fine lines on forehead -cleared small pimples -acne appeard in places where I was clear -created cystic acne after 3 months use I used the 0.1 cream based differin and I had a horrible breakout when I started it. I thought it would end, but it kept gettng worse and worse and now I have many cysts on my face becasue of it. Not strong enough for very oily skin.
  10. i just read your log and its given me hope! im going to try the hollistic way of healing my acne!
  11. jemini, i know this was a while back, but i am thinking on going to a naturopath as well. I was wondering how it turned out? was it a good idea? I am really tired of my facial and body cystic acne.
  12. elsky

    cleared acne 100% dry chapped lips heart palpatations hands were always shaky acne returned after a year I feel like the accutane helped in the short run with my acne which was wonderful, but for my long term health, i don't think it was a smart decision. Doctors don't even know how it exactly works, and because it is a relatively new drug, the future potential long term side effects aren't known. Use caution when putting drugs into your body. I still have