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-medium to full coverage -looks natural -pretty cheap compared to high end brands and it measures up funky smell no pump hard to take off This was one of those foundations that really gives you coverage! People who want coverage NEED to remember that it will be harder to take off. I use some jojoba oil first, and then tea trea oil. Works wonderfully! If you don't remove all of it, it can cause breakouts. In the end, its all about trial and error.

By elsky,

-helped with fine lines on forehead -cleared small pimples -acne appeard in places where I was clear -created cystic acne after 3 months use I used the 0.1 cream based differin and I had a horrible breakout when I started it. I thought it would end, but it kept gettng worse and worse and now I have many cysts on my face becasue of it. Not strong enough for very oily skin.

By elsky,

cleared acne 100% dry chapped lips heart palpatations hands were always shaky acne returned after a year I feel like the accutane helped in the short run with my acne which was wonderful, but for my long term health, i don't think it was a smart decision. Doctors don't even know how it exactly works, and because it is a relatively new drug, the future potential long term side effects aren't known. Use caution when putting drugs into your body. I still have

By elsky,