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  1. DONE. I finished my course around December 10th. While the 6th month wasn't technically "needed" (says my dermatologist), I still had a blemish or two and wanted to make sure that it stayed away forever...so I did a 6th month. I'm so glad I stuck with this treatment! My skin is perfect. I don't have one blemish, not even a bump anywhere on my body. Now, I never had body acne, but it seems like my skin everywhere is smoother and softer. Some things that have subsided over the month
  2. Month 5: 80mg/day I've definitely been slacking on my posting, but I'm almost done with the treatment. Here's where I stand right now: 1. Extreme lower back pain. 2. Large chunks of hair falling out 3. Eyesight problems 4. dry lips I started getting twinges of back pain in month 4 when I was increased from 60mg doseage to 80mg. Then, one day while I was running hills for marathon training, my back just blew out. I couldn't move, I couldn't twist, I couldn't do anything. I bas
  3. Month 4 I started 80mg of Isotretinoin/ day this month. I just opened my 3rd blister pack. I'm getting really discouraged as my skin seems to have regressed during the 3rd month when I was kept on the 60mg instead of bumped up. Luckily they bumped me up and hopefully it will get better. However, I was told that I just had this month and next month left. I was under the impression that I'd be doing a full 6 month cycle, and with my skin still sucking well into month 4. For those of
  4. Hey girl!!

    So glad to hear you're doing well ;)

    1. Very cool to see another Gluten Intolerant accutane user! I have been Gluten Free for 2 years now (or at least I do my best -- I occassionaly slip up). My hair has not thinned, but it has definitely gotten a lot drier. I could not go 24 hours without washing my hair before accutane. If I did my hair would look greesy and weighed down. Now, I can go up to three days without washing it before it even looks a LITTLE oily. Kinda nice, because I have a TON of hair and it gets annoying styling
    2. Your skin looks awesome! Isn't it nice to see results from something you've been trying to get rid of for so long!? How much longer do you have on the medication? I just started month 3. My skin is getting a LOT better too, but I'm ready to be done!
    3. Month 3: Week 2 I currently have a mixture of vaseline and mentholatum in my nasal cavities. Mentholatum is a topical analgesic used sort of like Vick's Vapor Rub. My nose feels like it's constantly getting gucked up from dry/bleeding/nastiness. Thing is, my nose never bleeds outside, it seems like it must bleed *JUST* enough to cause some build up and make me think I have a stuffed up nose. When I go to blow or wipe my nose, it's dried blood. So. I've had enough! I got a q-tip put some
    4. Today I went in for my post month 2/pre-month 3 dermatologist visit. Pregnancy test, blood drawn, 5 second convo with the doc and I've got my month 3 prescription in hand. Looks like I will remain on taking one 30mg tablet two times a day. I'm fine with that as my skin is starting to get very peely, and I don't want it to become one big flake of skin. I'm pretty clear aside from a few spots on my jawline. Here's to hoping for another fairly symptom free month of accutane!
    5. Lips are much better, thanks! I got some Vaseline Lip Therapy and it has been working much better than the aquafor, neutrogena, etc. Also better than just the regular Vaseline and doesn't look as awkward as when I would pull out a mini jar of vaseline and slather it on my lips! ha. I'm actually not in med school YET. I got a Masters in Business Admin, and decided business wasn't for me and I had to go back and get my pre-reqs for Medical school. I think the medical field is extremely rewa
    6. I take Celebrex for back/joint pain. Works pretty good. If you can't get a prescription for that, you should definitely start taking some glucosamine. You'll feel a world of difference!
    7. Lips aren't really responding to vaseline anymore... Kissing is not even enjoyable. Need to find something to remedy this! Feel like I'm having a small set-back as well. My face was sooooooooo clear last week and now it seems to have regressed a bit. So sad. Joint pain is getting worse, also my right eye is definitely getting worse. Keeping positive though. I know these side-effects are only temporary! "Life's a garden. Dig it."
    8. Good luck! I'm 26, so I know how frustrating it is having acne at this age! I'm having extremely good results, so I hope your course goes just as well.
    9. I'm on week 9. Had a mini set back a couple weeks into starting the 30mg pills. I think this is typical. I've heard a lot of people say they get a break out after starting a new higher dosage. Good news is my skin is currently clearer than ever. Bad news is my lips are soooooooo freaking chapped/dry/peeling. Friday night one of my coworkers asked me if I had changed my make up. I asked why, and he said "Not to be creepy or anything, but you look really pretty!" I told him I was wearing
    10. I'm actually not in med school YET. I got a Masters in Business Admin, and decided business wasn't for me and I had to go back and get my pre-reqs for Medical school. I think the medical field is extremely rewarding, and it's a much better fit for me, than business. I need to feel like I'm helping people. I recommend trying to find a volunteer position at a hospital to make sure you enjoy medicine before committing. It's a super long road and isn't for everyone. I haven't had a social life
    11. I'm into my 3rd pack of my second month and 60mg a day. I'm definitely getting dried out more than when I was on 40mg a day. Before my lips felt really chapped but I didn't really have any peeling. I keep Vaseline on them at almost all times and they are still beginning to slightly peel. I was really hoping this wouldn't happen, but I guess it's just something I'm going to have to deal with. One good thing that's happened is that my hair takes a really long time to get oily! A bad thing is