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  1. You'll end up lossing a lot of weight and start feeling weak you have to eat. I fasted for two days on water only and didn't see a difference felt bad though so i gave it up. Hate feeling hungry, weak and tired.
  2. Yeah i only shower about twice a week. My skin drys out if i shower too much and i don't think it helps your skin at all to over wash it.
  3. I will give them a go. Do you eat them alone? I eat gluten free pasta and rice quite a bit. The bread is expensive for what you get. I'll keep it in mind. I'll give cocconut milk a try and see what its like i've only ever used it in curries before.
  4. Been reading loads of different stories on the internet. Everyone has their own opinions but what do you guy's think is the best of red marks?
  5. I've been reading about liver flushes on the internet has anybody here tried it? If so what did you use and how did it work? any links to older threads would be helpfull. Thanks again
  6. I have been cutting out gluten, soya, milk, barley and wheat my skin has improved a lot (still not perfect) but i've lost a lot of weight. I want to put on about 30-40 lbs. What high fat foods can i eat while still avoiding the things i've just mentioned. I'm not really too up on diet and nutrition so any advice would be helpfull. Thank you
  7. 99% of the guy's here have or have had acne so they wouldn't be too bothered by it. I wouldn't be bothered at all by acne.
  8. I've wondered if my liver or kidneys are causing my skin problems always intresting to read these topics.
  9. I won't need to hit on anyone. I'll just pose with me shirt off and let the ladies come to me In that case i'll just wait outside the gym and put the moves on the ladies as they leave
  10. Then why are you here? coffee might screw with some people because it's caffine, sugar and milk which can all be trigers.
  11. Well Done. You've got the worst avatar i've seen here by far :naughty:
  12. Sounds like a great place to me can i have the address?
  13. You shouldn't let them win. Don't let it get to you. You will feel a lot worse if you don't go. I've let acne keep me from doing things in the past and always regreted it everytime i've forced myself out i've always felt better afterwards. It's tough but you gotta be strong.
  14. That's a strange thing for a guy to say to a girl. You shouldn't let it get to you these people obviously don't have much class. I don't know why somebody would feel the need to walk over to somebody to say something nasty like that.