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'Hey i'm Abi, i'm 24 and I've been suffering with mild to moderate acne since the age of 13 ish. Ohh. I have tried quite a lot of treatments with rarely any success. I tried antibiotics for 6 weeks which didn't make a difference and then I was put on different contraceptive pills, still not doing anything. I was put on a pill called Dionette which I heard very bad things about. I didn't notice any mood changes but the doctor was anxious about putting me on it considering my age so I came off it. I decided I wanted to try an over-the-counter product such as Tea Tree, Clearasil, Freederm etc but no such luck. Some years later after giving in to acne I decided enough was enough, I was about to start university, I wanted acne gone.  I was given a solution called Zineryt. It comes separated meaning you have to mix it together but it's quite simple. It stung for a little while but my skin became immune to the pain. Within a month my skin had cleared up nicely. Not only this but I was able to wear make up to cover the purple under my eyes and it still did not cause outbreaks. Unfortunately I became immune to the solution and around 6 months later, it returned. Worse than ever. I then had a cream called Epiduo, that was horrible. Made my skin worse, dried it out, made it sore. Couldn't touch it or lean on it at night. I would cry all the time, my face would then burn even more, so I would cry even more. Having acne like this alongside other health problems at the time, I did think to myself, is it worth it? I have nothing to lose in life, why should I stick it out just to constantly wish I was no longer here. 
Nope. I went back to the doctors.  Eventually I was given Acnecide and woohoo, what a difference it's made. My skin was mostly clear.  The best thing was, I wouldn't become immune to it as it's a BP product.

Fast forward a few years. I now wouldn't recommend BP. I have tried to come off it twice and the acne comes back even worse than before. My skin is always oily which has made my skin burst out into hundreds of tiny bumps all over my face, I look disgusting. My face is constantly red, I look back at photos and it looks like I've just run a marathon with the redness and the oil. 

I was given the contraceptive Marvelon, a year later I was given Yasmin. 

2017 - I've become a vegan and eat exceptionally well now. Months go by and no change in my acne. I do not believe it is anything to do with diet. I am using Acnecide every other day to gradually come off it. 

Ironically, I look back at photos of when I first started trying to clear my acne and I wish so much my skin was how it was then. All this messing around has made acne so much worse, my poor skin is really suffering. If I'm going to have acne regardless of medication, I'd rather not use anything, at least then my skin can start producing natural amounts of oil and it can start to heal.