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  1. Can't believe this battle still continues. 

  2. Please keep adding to this if you can. I hope its going well!
  3. Perry15

    Breaking Point with Breakout!

    After four wonderful months of clear skin (I stopped using BP 3% in May and my skin cleared up beautifully!) I now face this beast of a break out. Its a lot worse than any other breakouts I've had over the past 11 years, and I am getting new types of spots that I've never encountered before. I thought I'd create an album for my own personal observations to see any changes, but also for any of you guys experiencing similar breakouts to follow along the journey. Recap, Clear skin for se
  4. Hey, sorry I'm late. I was wondering whether you went for Spiro in the end? I suffer with hormonal acne along my jawline and it's working its way up my cheeks. It's painful, and my face looks swollen from the cysts. I too want to lock myself away but I can't. The breakouts always build towards my period. They then take ages to disappear and by the time they go, the next batch is ready for my next period. It really sucks and I feel your pain. Just remember that acne doesn't stop you from being a
  5. At least when kids think you have chicken pox, they're less likely to come and wipe their snot all over you. I mean hug you. 

  6. Thank you so much for responding, it's really appreciated. I do binge eat A LOT of sugary products. I pass on breakfast and lunch and in replacement I'll have biscuits, chocolate, crisps and a fizzy drink. Sometimes i'll throw an apple or a banana in there. In regards to dairy, I have recently gone back to being a vegetarian. I was a vegan for a year (I stopped because I found it very difficult) and I did not notice a difference in my skin so I feel confident knowing that dairy is not really an
  7. I've had acne for so long, I worry I may get withdrawal symptoms if it ever leaves! 

  8. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've sought advice here but I really want to know people's opinions and whether anyone experiences the same thing as me. I am 25, suffered with mild/moderate acne since 13/14. It was definitely puberty. It was in the t-zone and just typical of teenage skin. At the age of 17 i used Zineryt which completely cleared me up. Acne came back worse after about 10 months and I've not been free from it since. Up until earlier this year I used 5% BP (acnecide)
  9. Acne and myself have just celebrated our 10 year anniversary but sadly, the spark has gone. Lately I've found myself laying in bed at night fantasising of clear, acne-free skin.. I feel ashamed. Maybe we should try couples therapy. 

  10. A little boy asked if I had chicken pox today...


  11. Hi Betsy, Wow, snap! I'm on Yasmin and using both Acnecide and Cetaphil cleanser haha. Acnecide has always been a good shout, been on it twice in 3 years, had a break for 5 months but the acne fought back. The cream is a simple thing to do, I will happily use it for the rest of my life if need be haha. The cleanser hasn't made things better or worse really. I just feel refreshed when I use it. Yasmin... I haven't noticed anything in particular, maybe I'd have more flare ups if I wasn't on it b
  12. Meya, I'm so sorry you're feeling so low at the moment, I've been there so many times and it honestly feels like life isn't worth living. This is not true, and nor are you ugly! Acne doesn't change who you are as a person, and don't you let it. Enjoy the good things in your life and put acne behind you. Be patient and it'll be sorted out In terms of the Acnecide, it will leave a white residue if you don't rub it in properly, but you shouldn't rub it in fully for it to work best. The sore skin
  13. Definitely going to try the soap, thanks I've recently gone back to Acnecide. I went 5 month without it but the acne fights back. Ole reliable, glad you're finding it good too!
  14. I second Acnecide 5% gel. Use a little very evening and they'll soon disappear. Your skin may get sore at first and itch but your skin will adjust
  15. It works! ... but be sensible with it.

    I've used this cream for nearly 3 years now and it's my go to cream. I suffer from mild to moderate acne from the cheeks down. I've tried so many things and it was just exhausting, so now I've found something (that isn't a miracle worker, but it definitely helps), I might as well live with it instead of wasting my life trying to find the perfect solution. Stick with it, it will burn and you'll hate it when you laugh because your skin will feel like its ripping, but your skin will soon adapt to i