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  1. This green smoothie talk is a load of crap I've been drinking it for almost a month now. I don't look better. I don't feel better Starting to think vegetables are overrated And diet doesn't have any connection to acne. I'm going back to beer. It tastes better and makes me feel good. Avocados are disgusting by the way.
  2. I might start sending girls a picture of my head (with flawless skin of course) Some ripped up gym bunny's body And Lex Steeles cock. Reckon that'll get me a date. I'll stick a Ferrari in the background just to make sure.
  3. My confidence is shot to pieces. I can't even imagine going on a date. I wouldn't even know where to start. Hopefully one day it'll happen for me And I'll be able to make up for all of this lost time. I'm very ashamed about my lack of success with women It's a major embarrassment.
  4. I rarely ever see anyone else with acne But obviously it wouldn't bother me. Id probably feel more comfortable if she had bad skin.
  5. Starting to wonder if diet has anything to do with anything
  6. My eyes aren't yellow it was just my skin. It was probably a form of Hepatitis or something. I sometimes feel fatigue but it comes and goes. I can sleep any time, any where
  7. I'm going to buy a load of eggs today. I'm going to wear them and cook them every which way. Does anyone know if there's a difference between brown, white and blue eggs? apart from the shell colour of course.
  8. It's gone. Don't really know what it was about. Had it for about two weeks I'm used to looking like a knob so it wasn't really a big deal. Just weird.
  9. I've started adding them to my smooties. They made the smootie a lot thicker and more creamy I'm not sure if they're helping but i'm unsure if any of this is really helping. I'm starting to have my doubts.
  10. I'm going to give this ago this week but i'd like a bit more advice first. Should i buy the brown, blue or white eggs (does it matter) and should i throw the yoke? Also how do i put this on my face, Should i mix it with anything or do anything to my face before? And lastly should i just wash the egg off in the shower after 20-30 minutes?
  11. I've been drinking Vegterble juice in the morning and a green smoothie before dinner every day for two weeks now and so far no change. I'll keep it up for a month and see what happens. I haven't had glutan for two weeks either and the only wheat i've had are the beers i drink before bed.
  12. I took that stuff. It was crap. Made me wonder if it was even real Because I saw no change one way or another.
  13. I checked it out. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong place But so far all I could find was a bunch of gay guys offering blowjobs I'm not quite that desperate yet although I did consider emailing An attractive cross dresser for a bit. I'll keep looking for the real girls And get back to you.
  14. I suggested paying by the hour? I just checked Craig's list and its full of girls wanting relationships not one night stands. Did you put up your own add?