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  1. I generally just wash my face with dove soap, slather on emu oil when i remember to, and then tretinoin at night. I really think emu oil helps alot with your overall complexion. I find that my face looks better when i dont mess with lots of cleasners and exfoliators.
  2. Ive been using tretinoin for 7 months and emu oil. My marks are pretty much gone!
  3. Im using emu oil! I dont think it does much for acne, but it helps alot with red marks and your overall complexion.
  4. I was prescribed retin a for my red marks, so you can put it on. it certainly helps too...after months.
  5. Ive been using it for about 8 months and my red marks are definetly much, much lighter(almost gone) and my scarring seems to be less noticeable and shallower.
  6. I used to have a flake problem with my other moisturizers, but then i started using L'oreal hydra renewal. it does the trick.
  7. Im going to order a peel from Puredeming for my red marks...so which would be more effective, the lactic or glycolic?
  8. i got differin for this very purpose. i think there were minor improvements and helped a little, but then my derm put me on retin-a to get rid of the marks.
  9. I may as well jst say that i use Bp and self tanner on my face, and nothing weird happened. and jergens natural glow(at drugstores or whatever) is AWESOME. its like 6 bucks, and gives my pale skin a very natural tan that everyone complitments me on.
  10. I am now an addict of self tanners. if youre fair, like me, you could get mad wrinkles and skin cancer. ive gotten tons of compliments on how tan i am and how natural it looks. i use jergens natural glow.
  11. There are lots of reviews for self tanners on makeupalley.com and im planning to try some of them. its really helpful, you should take a look.
  12. if you want the brand brushes, id recommend ebay. you can get things SO much cheaper there. im completely addicted to it.
  13. you know what i found out? id wanted to se a dermatologist a while ago, only to hear that there was a 6 month wait. however, i was surprised to find that you can schedule an appointment with a normal pediatrician(or whatever your normal doctor is) and they are still qualified to give skin prescriptions(even for accutane, i believe) so they gave me some bp, and i was very clear a short time after that.
  14. I was prescribed differin for the treatment of red marks left after acne, and it helped that a little. It didnt make me break out, and it isnt as harsh as retin-a.
  15. I'm a girl with minor acne scarring, so.... I dont think you should bring up the scarring in the first place, rather emphasize other things about her, like things about her personality. or tell her how pretty she is, whatever. bottom line, just act like its not there. its all anyone could ask for.