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  1. My wife took accutane when she was younger. Now I see lawsuits every day on TV regardiing this drug and its bad side efects. This is a high powered drug folks! I would not recommend it to anyone without really looking into its effects. I worked in the pharma sales industry for years and it is scary what you see with some of the drugs that are on the market. I recently bought the blue light on ebay for 119.00 and have had some good results. Also with a really healthy diet I have seen good results
  2. Hey, I got my acne light from the guy on ebay for 119 with free shipping. covers my whole face and neck. I tried the handl held because they are cheaper but they are a pain to try and spot your whole face! Seeing good results so far and nothing else has worked. HOpe this helps. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm new to the site and wanted to see what you all thought about the acne blue light from ebay. I have used it for a few weeks now and i am having good results! I have seen some others post on here about this and it seems others like it also. Any others with any opinions on this? How long do you use it for each week? any info would be great. I will post any results as I go with the treatments.