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  1. Can i just check or verify?? When it says flat rate for shipping on the Pure Deming website does that mean to Australia as well? thanks
  2. Well it has been a week and two days since my needling. I have no scabs now and with make-up on look good however there is still a lot of areas of redness, as my skin is very very pale. I actually think some of the dents have filled in, although one of the biggest ones near my mouth has gone back the same. I kept it moist by putting vaseline on after putting my retin-a on. I also in the last couple of days have just been putting a bit of hyrdocortisone on to get rid of the redness... I
  3. Okay, what is the best thing for the redness, my skin is REALLY fair and now i have these red welts on my face....i swear i look like something out of alien.
  4. Hey well I had my first sess of needling done. How embarrassing having to run out into the cab, the guy looked a bit strangely at me, then wouldnt look again!!! It looks like i have had an allergic reaction I reckon, I have so many red dots on my cheeks! Anyhow I have put some copper petide on, am i sposed to straight away? It is actually stinging quite a bit!
  5. Well I am going to get my full face needled on Satday...I have the Monday and Tuesday off, hope this is long enough. How long do you think before i can use my peels after? Iam only hoping I dont scare the ppl or taxi driver when I come out!
  6. Hey, yep the needlng was done on scarred skin. So my next appointment is in September to get the actual treatment done. I reckon it has filled them out a bit but they are still a bit red.
  7. Sorry I need to change that, I am now in Sydney! I am sure you would be able to find a permanent make-up artist who does it in London though.
  8. My lady who does needling said try as hard as possible not to let it scab....So i am but it is hard when u wear makeup over it as I am sure it drys it out...Now i have three red marks I only had a test patch done 1 and half weeks ago. How long before I can use lactic acid peels again? Also how long do you think I should stop before hand? And when do you think a good time woudl be to get microdermabrasion after needling? I dont really have that many pits anymore, just sort of funny lines
  9. Hey I just had my test patch done for needling at Val Glovans in Sydney. It didnt hurt at all which I was really surprised about but gosh I am surprised how red and bloody it looks after. I am wondering how bad it will be when i have all of my face done!!! I dont have a car so had to catch the bus and I caught it home as I only had the test patch done, but something tells me I will have to catch a cab home, and the scary thing is as you come out of the clinic there is a little cafe next to it
  10. gahhhhh. Okay thanks....hmm will have to see how it goes I guess. I cant book a day off yet, I am on probation. But maybe I can chuck a sickie if I have to!!! ta!!!
  11. Do you reckon if I got needling done on the Saturday morning I would be able to go to work on the monday?? The lady says I will be able to put makeup on after 24hrs I am just wondering how invasive it is? thanks
  12. Well i bought organic apple cider vinegar, dosnt say what acidity and i just wash my face, pat it dry and tip some vinegar from the bottle onto my hands and pat it on like toner. That is what I am likening it to. I always thought my skin was sensitive but this does not skin and I am not even diluting it. I feel I could go a lot harder with this sutff haha. :)/ I have to say, my pores do look smaller the next day, but if I stop using it they go back the same, oh well a temporary fix is bet
  13. Good work!!! Great for those that cant spend lots of time surfing at home and what to know about new procedures AND the outcomes without going through all the bits!!! Fantastic
  14. Hi, Well i had erbium done 5 months ago, and I would say there has been minimal improvement and yes I think there are a couple of strange lines on my face also though it is hard to remember. My skin is fine but under fluoros it is still shocking....My redness went after 2 weeks and sometimes I wonder if that was too quick and perhaps it wasnt as effective as it didnt stay that red that long..... In the last month I have started doing the lactic acid peels and i wonder what people think of
  15. i have found a place that does needling the dr fernadez way in sydney but wondering if anyone knows of a tattoo artist who will do it? Will205 do you know anywhere? Thanks