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  1. Day 7-9 This is not good. Day 7, my legs began to swell. Not swell, just the sensation. I tried to walk around to see if that would help but it didn't. The right one was cramping and became weak. I could barely drive home from work. Later that evening, I wound up in the ER thinking I had a blood clot from the birth control. Apparantly not. My clotting levels were high, but the markable symptoms were not there. I admit I went to the er after the "swelling" and pain subsided, to ease my
  2. Day 6 WTF. I woke up extremely tired, like I had been malnourished. A cystic pimple which keeps flaring up and dying down after applying bactroban a few times has reemerged. I should just let this one run its course. Skin flaking from oxy pads, why didn't anybody stop me today and say "Hey, your face is coming off!"? When I washed my face this evening, I discovered two more cystic pimples, one the size of my finger pad, plus two pustules, and dozens of bumps under the surface of my cheek
  3. I've never really had a problem with acne until I hit my twenties. Here I am, nearing my 30th, dealing with uncomfortable amounts of acne including, but not limited to: cystic, whiteheads, blackheads and the occasional pustule/papule. Large pores which popped up within the last year and a half, tons of sun damage/hyperpigmentation, ice pick, rolling, and a few box car scars. PIH in about 6 different spots and dark facial hair (really can't stand this). Supposedly no hormonal problems though s
  4. happyfacelady


    I'm 29/female. Although my skin has never been perfect, at this point its never been worse. I'm blessed in that I never had severe acne. However I have always had breakouts here and there since my teens. I believe the cystic acne started cropping up in my twenties. And I just started getting blackheads (ewww). I have fair skin with hyperpigmentation. I've also been cursed with dark coarse facial hair, which I believe is hereditary because my children were born with it. Its all over my
  5. Okay...I posted a few weeks ago how wonderful this has been working for me. I have now been on it for just over a month and the last two days I have started to break out. Honestly I don't have severe acne but I do have oily skin with tons of blackheads, and get 5-6 cystic acne sores a month (which take forever to heal so I'm never completely clear. Yesterday I woke up with 3 papules, one giant one, and an oil slick I can't shake. Nothing in my regimen has changed at all. I noticed the last
  6. Its made by mario badescu. I haven't found any reviews on this site for it but some overall good ones elsewhere. I read up on it a year ago and never tried it because at that time I didn't have a problem with them. I went to ulta today and purchased it and am currently trying it...its like a mask. It comes as a powder and you use a dampened cotton ball to apply. It really feels like any other mask but in powder form. So have you tried it? Results, if any? I will try to keep you posted as
  7. Ouch Amy. Have you considered taking Niacin (B3 vitamin)? Look up the thread on the holistic forum. It has worked wonders for me : ) Good luck.
  8. I bet they are not even noticable...don't be so hard on yourself. I have "holes" too which are really just clogged pores that I can clear out with a blackhead remover tool everyday and they will not go away. I haven't found anything to make them go away but you could possibly consider chemical peels, which I am looking into for large ice pick scars on my cheeks. Maybe this is what you have? They cropped up just a few months ago or I never noticed them. What bothers me is my husband and 5 ye
  9. Niacin is awesome. After reading several pages of this thread, I gave it a shot. I took GNC's 250mg version. I almost forgot I took the tablet at first and started panicking because I was burning, itching, and felt like the back of my head is on fire. Then I remembered this is a side effect...which goes away and gets more tolerable. I took it because for almost two months, I have been getting terrible cystic acne. I have gotten them since a teenager and usually get one or two a month but I