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  1. Day 26 Hey guys!! How have you all been? Not been posting for a wee while because I had a long weekend camping with the other half. I haven't seen him for a while as he works away. He commented on my skin looking a little bit better (although red)! Still got rashes on my arms and I need to moisturis more often during the day. I have begun to get nosebleeds - maybe one every 3 days - and the blood is always all over my bedding! I have started to get POUNDING headaches - right in the middle
  2. Day 17! Hey guys! Hows it going? Hope you are all good!! It's now been over 2 weeks and the burning sensation in my face has subsided - although I still look very flushed. Everyone keeps saying it looks like I have caught the sun and it's making me rather wary of how I look. The worst is when someone said "OMG are you OK? You look ill..." I have started to get more rashes ALL over the back of my hands and on the underside of my right forearm. It's not that itchy but nothing seems to help. I
  3. Thanks for your help guys! The Blistex worked a treat and the sore is gone now! xxx
  4. Hi PoppyK, I'm not sure what advil is? I haven't been taking anything for them. I'm trying to put up with them at the moment :(
  5. Thanks for the comment DanaLynn (: Have you had any side effects yet? It's funny how there are so many variations in dosage given by doctors & derms!
  6. Thanks :) I cannot believe how quickly this stuff mucks your body up! Just shows it must be pretty powerful stuff! I went to the pharmacist and got hydro-cortisone cream for the rashes in my arm..... let's see how that goes! (:
  7. Day 9. OK....The sore on my lip is less painful now thanks to some medicated blistex which was recommended by the pharmacist. My face is still flushed/sunburned looking and seems to periodically get worse and throb. I've also started getting strange pressure headaches which I have never had before. They aren't that sore; it just feels really uncomfortable. Almost like there is someone trying to prise my skull open. My skin had been feeling dry...yet waxy over the past week. I woke up today and
  8. I think the sore is beginning to go away with the medicated blistex....its not cracked when I open my mouth anymore. There seems to be like excess skin *ewwwww! Hopefully this will go away!
  9. All they did was give me medicated blistex.....i hope it works! x
  10. I don't think we get that in the UK. Since the doctor has a long waiting list, I will go to Boots today and see what I can get. They have an over the counter diagnosis & prescription type service. I'm going to the gym in an hour and it is right beside the gym so I will pop in.
  11. Thanks for the reply! Looked into cheilitis after you mentioned it and you're right; it is common. I've never heard of it! When I use lip balm on it, it burns and gets inflamed. There is a 3 week waiting list to see a doctor where I stay
  12. Since day 3 I have had a sore on my lip which looks like a cold sore, it cracks when I open my mouth to eat and my lip balm makes it red and inflamed. It seems to be getting worse every day and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. What is the best way to treat?
  13. Day 5. As previously posted I have a sore which literally started 24 hours ago and look how big it is! It is really sore. I don't know if it is a cold sore etc... Any ideas how to treat it? My eyes are dry and my nose is occasionally runny. Can you all see I am starting to go a bit pinkish around the forehead and cheek areas too? Also on my left side (side with industrial ear scaffold), the acne has become quite aggressive; this is visible in the pics too. Definitely the thing that is bother
  14. Hey there, I'm in a similar boat with regards to previosu treatment. I started 5 days ago. It's so exciting !
  15. Crystal, I'm not sure if I can get Aquaphor in the UK. I have Burt's Bees which is expensive at £3.99! I have a cold sore type thing on my lips and this seems to burn when I put the Burt's Bees lipbalm on :(