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  1. I am still mostly attatched to my liquid foundation too, I looooove the coverage, and i'm used to using it anyway. I spoke too soon and got a big pimple on my left cheek, but it is a new month, so hopefully not too many breakouts this month. I'm still doing the bp twice a day since I had a new breakout, seems like when I try to change up my routine it doesn't work out. I got a new moisturizer with aha, so I'm going to see how that goes!
  2. ya my skin still itches around the hairline and jawline sometimes, but its not as bad anymore. I did still have a few breakouts last month. Do you wear makeup? I noticed more of an improvement when I used mineral makeup with the regimen. I'll have to look into that Phyto +, right now I'm adding in a night cream with retinol, so thats helping just a tiny bit, but it's only been a few days using that, and I use the bp only in the morning now, so we'll see how that goes! Good luck, it sounds l
  3. So I was posting for a short while in my blog, but didn't keep up with it, pretty much my beginning was like everyone else, flakey, itchy, dry, at two months in, I was getting ready to quit but I was seeing results, so I found a new moisturizer and kept going...and I'm so glad I did! And I didn't start seeing good results til I found a good moisturizer and ordered dan's bp. My regimen is changing soon because I feel like I need to address scaring now...so I'll post my new products soon. For t
  4. So this makes week four into the regimen, and I am still seeing slow but sure progress on my skin. I am not flakey anymore, and my neck is no longer orange since moisturizing with the Cetaphil Restoraderm. It feels like its going to leave my skin greasy, but it just ends up soaking right in , I even use it during the day time and I'm not oily. For days I'm outside I have been using Neutrogena dry touch spf 45 and have not had problems with that. So far my forehead, nose, and chin have no
  5. Looks like your making some good progress! I'm on week four of the regimen, and this is the first week I've used dans bp and oh my gosh i love his bp. I was getting dark skin, but I noticed when I changed moisturizers (i am now using cetephil restoraderm) I stopped getting so dark and flakey. My neck itches a lot less, and I have also been taking off my makeup at night with olive oil, so that has also helped with the flakeys, and I am planning on switching to jojoba oil when I run out and see
  6. I also say just bring a photo of when your face was at its worst, and if possible let your derm know how often it gets bad and how often it clears up, since it only comes in cycles there could be an underlying problem. If your derm doesn't listen or care, I say it's time to find a new derm.
  7. I have heard that bacteria can't live in the powder because its dry? but anyway I clean my brushes with my face wash, and I know alot of makeup guru's like to use baby shampoo. Look up on you tube 'cleaning brushes' and you will find lots of suggestions and tutorials thats what I did
  8. oh my gosh, my mom and little sister always want to squeeze my face! When I used to live at home back in the day my mom would practically hold me down to get a pimple. Maybe thats where my picking problem comes from, thanks mom, lol
  9. pretty good, i'm on week four, my order should be here tomorrow, I can't wait to try dans bp. My chin and neck are clear, and my skin is feeling not as rough, so thats a plus. I have still been breaking out on my cheeks really bad, but they don't last as long, and this months breakout was not as bad as last month, so I think the bp is working for me. My skin isn't burning as bad when I put on my moisturizer, and the bp isn't as irritating this week. I just don't like the 10% bp its too stron
  10. Just found your log, thanks for sharing with us, your skin is clearing up very well! Im about to be on my fourth week, and I just ordered Dans bp because I am currently using persagel 10 and my face is feeling sensitive, and I can't put it on my neck it turns my neck orange! But your an encouragement that the bp helps, thanks girl
  11. wow all this time I never knew there was a thread especially for women with pcos. I am 29 and have been diagnosed with pcos for about 9 yrs, and have had hormonal acne since I was 13. I am currently trying out the regimen, but I know since my hormones are all out of wack i may never be 100% clear on the regimen. Metformin worked wonders for me, but I haven't been back to the doctor. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with natural supplements and vitamins? I am not only trying to get
  12. just looking for a friend/ shoulder to cry one, etc. I suffer from hormonal acne, have huge cystic types especially that time of the month. I was diagnosed with pcos about 8 yrs ago, and I am 29 (shhh don't tell anyone) I have had acne since 12 and I feel like clear skin is no where in site! I guess i'm tired of seeing people my age walking around with skin that stopped breaking out after high school and mine is still continuing, uuuhg!!!! I'm so frustrated with my face.
  13. So I had posted on another thread I was on week four but I just realized this is the third week. I've almost went through a whole tube of my persagel 10, and it's doing good on my face but irritating the heck out of my neck. I have pale skin and now it's turning orange, kinda like a fake tan or too dark of makeup. So tho my neck is clear I stopped using the bp on that area. Also I realized my neutrogena moisturizer had retinol in it, so maybe the combo was just too much for my neck, or the p
  14. your skin could be going through a new adjustment period. Skin produces natural oils to keep the natural ph balance. Maybe your oil glands are freeking out, like, whats going on? At first it was being really dry from the regimen and now you've stopped, so it's still used to trying to create more moisture. I say give it a little time to even back out to it's natural state, or it may be that its still feeling dry and is over producing oil because it needs a moisturizer. I'm not a doctor or an
  15. i'm on week three and it is tempting to quit, but hearing so many good things and hearing so many people saying to give it time helps me to keep going! My skin is feeling itchy and dry, my neck was getting way flaky and my perfectly pale skin on my neck is turning dark! uhg! I hate that, I've stopped putting it on my neck for now, it looks like i have too orange of makeup on or something. Maybe because I have been using 10% bp, it's all i could get my hands on for now, but I just ordered dan