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  1. Hiya, I have pcos so my acne is also insulin related. My acne is better since diet changes but there is a little that doesn't seem to shift. Could you give an idea of what you define as reduced calories and also how much of the starchy carbs you limit yourself to? Thanks x
  2. Try some turmeric mixed with honey. I had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago and it really helped. But it tastes revolting - hold your nose or something, I gagged first time I did it. My friend drinks turmeric in warm milk which tastes a lot better but depends on whether milk makes the mucus worse for you.
  3. I have psoriasis on and off - from my research it looks like it is related to high levels of insulin/disfunction of the pancreas. (as is acne and pcos) It is also a sign of auto immune disease and of inflammation in the body. So much so that Drs here now check for autoimmune disease in people diagnosed with psoriasis. I recall a study warning people that psoriasis could be an indicator of pre-diabetes. I only found this out through researching links between pcos and psoriasis. There has be
  4. For me I think it has been 1) Over-eating - this is easy to do when you don't put on weight easily 2) Wrong type of exercise and sometimes lack of exercise 3) Eating meals that were not balanced properly and resulted in rapid high blood sugar 4) Screwed up circadian rhythms 5) Stress Dealing with these massively helps and I suspect other cultures might well be living a lifestyle that keeps all these in check
  5. Thanks, I'll be adding beans back into my diet again soon so I'll remember that.
  6. Hiya, thanks for replying I most likely do have a metabolic disorder. I have a polyfollicular ovary which is a common sign of PCOS, a metabolic disorder. I can eat more than any of the men I know and all of them are taller and at least 3/4 stone heavier than me. Always been that way since I was young. A lot of women with pcos clear up on paleo so I'm trying to get my fat up and reduce the carb/protein a bit. My diet probably is a bit unbalanced in favour of protein and carbs so I'm hoping that
  7. Hi FSAS, I think you should look into pcos more. I have been diagnosed with a polycystic ovary and although I don't have all the signs of the syndrome I am treating myself as if I have it. Apparently 85% of women over age of 20 with acne have some form of pcos. You break out at the same time as I do - breaking out at that time appears to be a sign of not ovulating/body trying to ovulate. Beacuse of your age I recommend you stay with Spiro and use an alternative non-oral birth control. I
  8. I've signed up to use this to see where I was going wrong as I suspected I was over in my protein and carbs and sure enough I was. I was also too low in fat. I have it set to paleo. I have cysts on one of my ovaries so I'm hoping that by controlling the protein and carbs better I can improve insulin sensitivity and get rid of the cysts. Has anyone else been successful when using this with the paleo settings?
  9. I've been wondering whether I eat too much protein. Does anyone limit the amount of protein based on their body weight? According to Mark's Daily Apple I would be over-consuming protein for my body mass. I've always done this and always been slim so it's not like the extra protein is helping me put on weight, but maybe it could be making the insulin resistance worse? If that's the case I would need to decrease protein/increase the fat.
  10. I know this is an old topic, but I'm thinking of trying it next. Supposed to help with insulin resistance in diabetics and PCOSers. If anyone else has tried this please let me know your experiences. Ta.
  11. Gosh, who did your ultrasound, the friend next door who has an aged x-ray stashed in his basement? Seriously, cysts+lack of ovulation+acne more or less equals PCOS. Look into that, it has a great restrictive diet you can try to follow to handle it (YAY, right? ) also look into farinetta and aminopril. Btw, you demotivate me, gluten and dairy free doesn't help? I am 4 months into the diet and yeah, it didn't do much so far, but I hope for it to change drastically anyday now but seriously. I'm g
  12. None of my blood tests revealed anything either. They did find some cysts on one of my ovaries though, which is why sometimes an ultrasound can help with women. I suspect my hormones are affected but they just aren't elevated enough for Drs to consider them a problem. That's probably the issue with a lot of people here. Diet and lifestyle changes did help me but only with inflamed acne; I still have bumps under skin, excessive oil and redness. Also, from the ultrasound I know I don't ovulate
  13. Have you had an ultrasound Sasch or any blood tests for hormones?
  14. Funny you posted this today, because I was thinking the same thing. I have this type of scarring on my shoulders. I searched a bit today but couldn't find out what they were. I'm going to try a retinoid from my Dr to see if it helps. I've had them for a while and they haven't changed, although I haven't tried doing anything to get rid of them.
  15. Hey FSAS, I think alcohol improves estrogen and aromatase. So, possibly you should ask your Dr about low estrogen/issues with aromatase/SHBG. Also, it might not be that you are low in these, just that the ratio of them to androgens is slightly off. Maybe look at eating things that would improve the function of the female hormones? Also, a small glass of red wine every now and then would be ok if it is helping you. Just don't go overboard