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  1. that is exactly waht i do and it works awesome. bpo first then the clindamycin
  2. heres what cleared me up. minocycline 100 milligrams twice a day. Benzoly peroxide and clindamycin. i tried benzaclin which is those two wopicals mixed together but the 5 percent benzyl peroxide in it was too strong. so what i did was got a script for the clindamycin topical and bought 2.5 % benzyl peroxide. put the benzy peroxide on first then the other. start with just doing it at night and after a week or so go to twice a day. only use a little bit of the topicals don't overdo it. my acne was
  3. i take it all the time, it FOR sure helps with the swelling and soreness. For me if i can't feel it on my face it doesn't bother me nearly as much. it won't hurt you. EVERY medication is linked to some kinda nonsense that may or may not be true
  4. i was on doxy for years and it worked really well. it gave me my life back. i was clear so long on it i forgot i ever even had skin problems. but at first my face broke out BAD. It wasn't until like 2 months in that it worked. so you gotta stick with it. if its making it worse thats a good sign its working. unfortunetly it came back recently so i switched to minocycline and its going away again. i dunno what im gonna do if i get immune to mino as well. accutane doesn't look like an option my ins
  5. if you develope resistance to a antibiotic and then stop taking it for years will you still be resistant to it if you take it again?
  6. so my insurance won't cover accutane, can someone please give me a general idea what its gonna cost me for 40 milligrams a day per month?
  7. would you happen to know what the price is like per month for generic accutane?
  8. im a 30 year old male. i didn't have acne until i was about 24, and then my face exploded. i never understood why and tried everything except accutane because my derm wouldn't prescribe it. i had a great job as a supervisor and because my face did what it did my boss thought i was on drugs and i failed a urine test for pot and was fired. eventually with doxy and tazorac i became clear for almost 4 years. at this point i kinda forgot about the whole issue because i was clear for so long. well now
  9. ok so i used minocycline with success in the past. at some point it became less effective prob due to resistance. i then switched to doxy and had success with that as well. now the doxy seems to not be working anymore. ive been off mino for about 2 years, my question is if i use it again will it work or will i still be resistant to it?