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  1. I've been taking 20mg every other day for a few days just because my 30 day supply will be up a little before my next appointment. I'm sure it doesn't matter, but I thought I'd stagger instead of not taking any for about seven days. Current Skin Condition I had a TERRIBLE cyst on my left cheek and a TERRIBLE cyst on my right cheek. The kind that get so huge and hurt so much...but they're both drying right now and I don't really have any other active spots except for ONE that might be em
  2. No change in my skin from the other day. The active spot is still active and the drying spots are still drying. I was thinking about how long I would be on this medicine if I stayed at 20mg/day and I’m thinking about asking my dermatologist to up my dosage to 30 mg/day for next month and possibly for the rest of my course. If I feel comfortable enough, I might up it to 40 mg/day. I think I’m pretty much in control (considering my blood work is fine) because she wanted to start me at
  3. I’m curious to see how my skin reacts after what I ate this weekend. I went and visited my parents and they definitely don’t eat a diet as strict as mine. Typically, I bring my own food home but I just went with it this time and ate what they served (minus the meat). I consumed “food†that I almost never eat: dairy, refined sugar, and fried food. While I’m not convinced that minor slips make my skin worse, it will be interesting to see if anything negative happens. Current Ski
  4. I spoke too soon yesterday; I think my skin is getting a little worse. The difference between breaking out now and breaking out in the past is that I feel like there might be an end in sight this time. THAT makes all the difference in the world. Current Skin Condition: Nothing is on the forehead (just red marks and a little scarring). My chin looks fine, but I can feel three little cysts…nothing inflamed. The cyst on my left cheek is angrier; I’m hoping it leaves soon. My right ch
  5. Damn this stuff is powerful! I honestly cannot fathom being on a dose higher than 20mg/day. I’m only on my twelfth day and I’m experiencing dry lips, a dry, itchy scalp, and some painful bowel movements (hemorrhoids…as my doctor warned me that EVERY mucus membrane dries out). The lips are perfectly fine as long as I keep them covered in ONE of the following: Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm (amazing), Aquaphor, or a Kiss My Face chapstick with SPF 15. Now, the dry itchy scalp is another stor
  6. I started getting a spot or two in middle school and then my face got significantly worse my junior year of high school. After visiting the dermatologist and going on a course of tetracycline and the topical Differen, my skin looked beautiful when I started my senior year of high school. I remember looking in the mirror on my first day of senior year and loving what I saw: clear, radiant skin. The problem, though, was that no one told me that stopping the antibiotics would wreak havoc on my
  7. After years of avoiding the highly praised and highly vilified acne drug, Isotretinoin, I’m finally ready to start taking this miracle poison. I’m ready to swallow the one and only pill ever clinically proven to “cure†acne. I’m not one to opt for the “quick fix†as I’ve spent the last ten years trying to find a way around taking this frightening drug; however, nothing has worked and I can’t stand the idea of going through another decade of inflammatory spots. I’ve turne