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  1. lmao smh thx

  2. wow you are pretty hot :)

  3. I'M ALMOST THERE! Once I start taking Accutane though, I'm going to be out in the sun for atleast 3 hours a day everyday. The makeup I wear has SPF, and maybe I'll wear sunscreen as well, but still, is this safe? If I get a sunburn while on accutane, is i critical that I see my doctor?
  4. Your really hot.

  5. Have any of you been to a holistic doctor for acne? How would you even find a good one?
  6. @LipslikeSugar - I think I might actually show your test taking story to my dad. Maybe it'll get through to him. See...His mentality dealing acne really fustrates me. He says "Once this is fixed, you'll find a new problem to be obsessed with. You got your drug, now you're happy." (drug=accutane). Sometimes I get emotional talking about acne. Once I broke down in tears ranting to him that the reason I've wanted to be a dermatologist for the last three years is so that I could help other people w
  7. Go for the Accutane. See...I was like you, in that I didn't want Accutane for a while. I kept convincing myself that my acne wasn't severe enough...And maybe it wasn't at that point. But it got worse instead of better and it spread; it was only when it started to spread that I said 100% go on the Accutane. The list of side effects was a major turn off. But I think what we have to realize is that everything has side effects. Soda can cause bone loss. Nail polish can cause cancer. Freaking try
  8. Exactly! I mean here's a person who knows nothing about your medical history, knows nothing about what you've tried and not tried, yet they're trying to give you advice. It's so fustrating. smh.
  9. I understand Just know that there will be better days in the future. You won't always feel how you do right now. What pill are you on?... And don't hate yourself for getting off it. People try different methods until they hit the right one. I was against taking Accutane for a long time, until I finally realized I really needed it. And I was kind of mad at myself for not getting it sooner. But hey...I mean, people make mistakes, it's human.
  10. I never used to know how to respond....But now I have the best answer. I was getting my eyebrows waxed today. The woman was sooo nice. But then she started telling me about how she gave this teenage girl a facial. And I'm thinking I know where this is going... I KNEW she was trying to hint towards acne. Then she was like "Yeah, she was breaking out terribly...." And I just go "I'm starting Accutane." And she was like "OHH! Really?" Like BAM! NO, you cannot sell me a facial. Hahahahaha I know
  11. I feel the same exact way. Makeup made my family and friends think my acne wasn't as bad as it really was. I feel like I'm hiding a secret sometimes. I would deliberatly go out without make up just so that the world could see the truth! But then I would wind up looking in the mirror and thinking "wow, I really should be wearing foundation right now. I'm definitely not one of those girls who can go out without foundation!" Now I promise though, that as soon as I'm clear, I'll go out without m