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  1. There used to be a green "recent topics" button you could press, so you could see every recent topics and posts from each different forum on one page. How do you do that now?
  2. "Bears are funny, likewise bear suits." - Christopher Walken.
  3. That goes for males too right? My skin problems increased dramatically after I lost 30 pounds, so now I'm gaining weight again, to see if it helps.
  4. Then I won't look after him or think of him as my son most likely anymore. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha YES!!! Oh man, you are too damn funny. I'm laughing my ass off reading your posts. This board has been boring for quite some time now, so this is exactly what we need. Troll or not, please stay here as long as you can. You are like a friggin comedian. Elvin
  5. Nice video man. I was just wondering. How did you get over your seborrheic dermatitis?
  6. Is this for real? Honestly, I mean.... Wow. My IQ just dropped after reading this. I'm not kidding, I don't know how to use a spoon now. Your post will probably be removed, since religion doesn't have anything to do with acne. Elvin
  7. That's awesome. So are you now able to eat whatever junk food you like without breaking out? Elvin
  8. Yeah, I feel like, I've lost the battle too. Elvin
  9. Yeah, I just hope there's a reason and meaning for all the suffering in the end. Elvin
  10. You don't need to be sorry buddy, we all get frustrated sometimes. And we have every right to be, since this disease is so damn hard to deal with. But since we are all from different timezones, it will take some time for people to respond. It usually gets more crowded 6 hours from now. Elvin
  11. Holy crap, you are pretty much running this forum alone right now. I understand your frustration buddy, but you need to give people time to respond. At least more then 35 min. Elvin
  12. I've had 5 dermatologists. All of them were completely incompetent. The first 4 of them gave me 4 different diagnoses, and the last one couldn't even give me one. Also, all of them told me, that diet and acne isn't related. Waste of time. Elvin
  13. Do you guys remember when we were kids, and we didn't think twice about what we ate, we just picked whatever we liked, and used our time to actually live instead of constantly worrying? I miss that. Yeah, but vegans don't have any humor.