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  1. Thanks, I know patience is the key to success! But at this stage, my acne is so so bad, I dont feel like going out anywhere! Anyways, I started taking the solodyn and sprio before two days, so lets see how it goes..
  2. I am already on BC Ortho tricyclen and my doctor prescribed me Spiro 100mg and Solodyn 105mg since I am still breaking out pretty badly.. I know it takes 3 months for the Ortho to kick in, but I am breaking out horribly. So I wanted to check with people, has the doctor prescribed me too much? I hear some bad reviews abt solodyn, but the doctor was pretty positive about it? Any suggestions? What will happen if I take all three together? Do I have to take all three at same time? And If I come off
  3. hina2011


    Are you still using finacea? Does it help?
  4. Girls, you are lucky u just get the occassional pimple! I wish the same for you forever! However, we unlucky ones, are getting pimples all over the face even after being on ortho.. Its like so bad!
  5. For me it has been the worst it has ever been.. I am on ortho regular..Not the lo version.. Its breaking me out like helll.. Especially on my cheeks..Not sure what to do.. Feel like giving it up.
  6. Right now I am doing very bad in terms of acne.. I have lots and lots of breakouts coming up everyday on my cheeks.. My cheeks are the worst.. My forehead is doing ok, not very bad though.. I am hoping the OTC will work for me, and I know it takes long long time to see results, but I am just too impatient! Lilxlady, I am glad the OTC-Lo worked out for you! Jen, I hope it works for you as well. Keep posting your updates!
  7. How are you doing Lilxlady? I just started BCP(Ortho Tri cyclen) a week back and wanted to know how is your progress?
  8. I usually dont eat unhealthy.. Not much sugar, no dairy much.. And I used to have decaf green tea as well, still I broke out.. from yesterday, I stopped taking it completely, so lets see how it goes..
  9. I drink two to three cups per day. Sometimes I have tazo and sometimes bigglow..I just take some hot water, dip the bag for 2-3 mintues and then drink...I didnt drink any today yet, and I am thinking not to drink it for another week.. There is a whole blog, where people wrote thier experiences after drinking green tea, how they started breaking out.. Not sure if all that is true, so just wanted to get some opinion from people who are currently drinking it..
  10. Has anyone been observing breakouts after they started drinking green tea? I read one of the old posts here where people were mentioning their experiences about green tea and acne.. If I remember correctly, I started breaking out at the same time I started drinking green tea... Not sure if its related, but since I read a similar post, it just clicked me! If anybody has had similar experiences, please post in here! I will stop green tea from tommorow and see how it goes!
  11. Guys, cant believe green tea can be so harmful. If this is true, then I found the route cause of my acne? Anybody getting breakouts because of having green tea, please let me know.. I am planning to start BCP today, but if green tea is the cause of my acne, I would like to eliminate that from my diet first before going on BCP.
  12. Thats good to hear.. Keep us updated on ur progress..
  13. I still havent started taking BC. But I am planning to start next week.I decided to go for OTC-Regular. When should I expect seeing improvements usually based on your experience?
  14. Thanks, this definately helps.. I am planning to take it after a month or so once I am pretty sure that water only regimen didnt work for me! I want to give water only regimen still a month!