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  1. Sooo.. now I have blackheads. Which I've never had before. It's confusing, because it's like suddenly how my face looks has plummeted.. My red marks are extremely noticeable, I've lost my tan (already?!), and I'm getting all these little blackheads on my cheeks. Just my cheeks - so far... Though I suspect they are forming on my forehead as well. I worry this is due to switching to Cetaphil cleanser about 2 weeks ago. I was singing it's praises and extremely satisfied with it but now I'm not
  2. Dan only recommends AHA, not BHA, and I agree because while I've never had experience with BHA, AHA is super awesome... It gives me (and I've seen this reported by others) a nice glowy complexion and exfoliates and overall it's a very pleasant product with good results. My guess is it won't cure acne on it's own but in conjuction with another product it would help.
  3. I was using the full amount when I started using AHA+, I started at 1 day shy of 5 weeks. I wanted to start at 3 weeks but was waiting to order another batch of Regimen supplies which I did at the 1 month mark.
  4. I'm not sure why you would waste the extra money on that stuff. Cetaphil does the trick just fine (and helps combat dryness while on the Regimen), and Dan's stuff works well if you want something less mainstream. I don't really think you'll get anything extra out of using department store brand or exclusive online brand cleansers.
  5. I've accidentally combined them.. I was really tired, hehe. It didn't work out so well. The BP took at least 2x as long to dry (which was irritating because I'm on a tight schedule) and my face felt super oily, what with the moisturizer already containing small amounts of jojoba oil and having to add at least 2 drops to it to combat dryness/flakiness (this was at least a month or two ago, before my skin adjusted). Have you tried AHA+? That's what stopped flakiness for me. That stuff is AWESO
  6. You're supposed to follow the Regimen and only the Regimen for 3 months, or until you're clear, whichever comes first... Then you can add extra products in. I'm not familiar with hydroquine 2% but you should also check the thread regarding other acne treatments and repost there - the folks over there probably have a better idea of what you are talking about.
  7. Yes it is the same with the moisturizer and the cleanser.. I've asked the mods to change the Regimen instructions to include that bit of information but they've been neglecting it. It's kind of frustrating because new people could be using WAAAY too much and hurt their skin / have a really bad experience. Basically, small and tall pump use 2. Short and large pump use 3.
  8. I would give Dan's moisturizer a try.. When I was first on the Regimen I HATED it. Hated it hated it hated it so badly. But once my skin balanced itself out and I wasn't so dang dry (it got accustomed to the BP), Dan's moisturizer worked a ton better for me and now I really like it. That stems from an experiment with a different moisturizer... I tried to use something else and it was just never moisturizing enough, no matter how much jojoba oil was added or how much I glopped on. That's when
  9. Since your a guy zinc is very good for you actually, in pretty much every way.. Only thing is it might make your testerone levels higher - it's the "male" metal. (in case you're wondering, copper is the "female" metal) Also topical treatments should work, I use the Regimen for my hormonal acne (I turn 19 next month and am female) and I'm completely clear now.
  10. If your skin is already accustomed to AHA+ and you don't need to build up tolerance, I'll skip to the advice I give everyone on AHA+.. For a while now I've been using AHA+ nightly as a moisturizer and it works fantastic, I would suggest using moisturizer (with or without jojoba oil, depending on your needs) in the AM and AHA+ in the PM. Or reversed if you work night shift. I'm a big fan of the AHA+ cuz that's what helped my acne kick the bucket
  11. Really the only benefit is a decrease in how long the Regimen takes. It's useful in the morning for people like me with full time jobs or school that really like sleep. Haha. If you like air drying, then stick with it I say.
  12. It's perfectly okay to only apply BP at night or in the morning (not 2x a day) when first starting the Regimen. It's really tough on your skin at first - BP is a medication with the side effect of dryness, and your skin does eventually adjust most of the time but it takes time, and lots of it. Eventually the redness and dryness goes away - it took about 2 months for it to go away in my case (counting from the day I started the Regimen) but now my face looks totally completely normal even tho
  13. Also check what type of pump you have. Not too long ago they started phasing out one type of pump in favor of another type. If the pump is short and with a large round top (larger than a quarter), use 3 pumps to follow the Regimen. If the pump is short with a small round top (smaller than a quarter), use 2 pumps to follow the Regimen. But seriously, start slow - I went from 10% BP to this 2.5% BP and this stuff was so much more potent (weird I know) that my face couldn't handle it, despi
  14. I had problems with the moisturizer burning for the first month, it stopped after a while thankfully.. It's perfectly normal to have breakouts still. If you think you can stand it, stick to the Regimen - it really does work when you wait it out. I considered going off it several times because of many reasons but I stuck it out and now I'm super pleased that my acne is cleared.
  15. As a side note I switched from a hormonal birth control to a non-hormonal birth control in January of this year and I didn't get back to normal hormonal functionality until maybe June or July.. Sometimes it takes a while for your hormones to adjust unfortunately. My acne was AWFUL in the in-between stages. Maybe you are still purging? I don't know, it's really hard to know if someone is doing the Regimen perfect at all times... There are a million different factors. Do you pick or touch? Do
  16. Good info, it usually takes about that long for BP to soak in anyway and you use it after BP but it's still good information to give to people who refuse to use BP but want to use AHA+.. thanks!
  17. Actually that would kinda make sense... Interesting theory! ^
  18. Yes redness or pinkness depending on skin tone is completely normal when first using the Regimen. It can take up to 2 months for skin to get used to it from my own experience but I'm sure it clears up earlier in some people (I was one of the people who started too fast and thus experienced baaad side effects initially).
  19. Previously I had used a 10% BP wash. When I started the Regimen I thought my skin would be just fine with 2.5% BP close to full amount from the beginning. I had a lot of problems with dryness and flakiness and my skin was rather swollen for like a month.. It wasn't fun. I even tried cutting back BP and building up again but it didn't quite fix it. Your skin needed time to get used to it.. You'll probably experience redness for a total of 2 months, that's about how long I had redness. Sorry I f
  20. Yeah that's why I switched to Cetaphil, Dan's Cleanser felt like it was compounding my already present dryness problem.. It feels a lot better with the Cetaphil cleanser. I would say it took maybe a month and a half to two months for my skin to stop purging and breaking out randomly. Then again during that time I added jojoba oil then AHA+ which caused me to purge 2 more times. But now I'm clear! Just be confident it's not always going to suck as badly as it does right now. That's what I did, r
  21. Yeah it's most likely superdry skin. I had the same problem for a little while. Try washing the oil off and then using a really light moisturizer for a few weeks, that should take care of it. You don't have to do it forever, just until the dryness clears up..
  22. Or growing out of it. I'm hoping I grow out of it. What, a 19 year old can hope that right? Well, almost 19.
  23. Don't worry about high SPFs, according to WebMD: SPF 15 blocks approx. 94% UVBSPF 30 blocks approx. 97% UVBSPF 45 blocks approx. 98% UVB It's all about the application. You're supposed to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before sun exposure, then 15-30 minutes after sun exposure, then every 2 hours thereafter for continuous sun protection - and all in LARGE quantities, or you can lose 25-50% of the protection promised by the label. So SPF 15 or 30 is fine, focus on finding one that will not clog
  24. According to WebMD SPF 15 blocks out approx. 94% of UVB rays while SPF 30 blocks out approx. 97% of UVB rays and SPF 45 blocks out 98% of UVB rays. Basically, higher SPF doesn't mean better sun protection by a large margin. SPF 15 is perfect if applied in large quantities (as all SPF is meant to be applied), but if you don't want to apply it in large quantities, SPF 30 will do as well. Supposedly to get optimal sun protection you're supposed to apply it 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, th