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  1. They've been trying to solve the leaking problem for some time actually.. They want to keep the costs down so more people can afford the Regimen but at the same time things like this happen sometimes. They did use to bubble wrap. They've tried at least two (and I say at least because only two have made it to the public, I'm sure there were countless more they tried) different kinds of pumps and neither have solved that problem. It's really too bad. Right now they're sticking with packing pea
  2. Weird! I have no idea why it's causing your skin to dry. It does the exact opposite for me, it gets rid of all the dead skin cells and my skin becomes all soft and has a "dewy" look to it (think "Final Fantasy girls", it's so cool). I use it every night and I've noticed significant improvement in my red marks, so I'm not sure using it only one night a week really changes things. "Acne scars" take at least 4-6 months to clear on their own, sometimes longer, and using it nightly has sped things up
  3. Sugar could definitely do it, our bodies aren't really made to have refined sugar (or refined anything) and while they make do, we can purge the stuff out sometimes. What are your zinc pills contained in? That might effect it.. Some pills are in different casings.. I'm not talking about the bottle, I mean what is holding the zinc together. That might effect it. The small bumps are normal, try using AHA+ when you've been on the Regimen for at least 5 weeks. What they are (in most cases) is de
  4. I know the pumps thing is kind of confusing. At one point they had a pump with a "head" smaller than a quarter (I'm talking 25 cents here, not 1/4), and that one only needed 2 pumps. Then they switched to a pump with a "head" bigger than a quarter (again, 25 cents), and that one needed 3 pumps. A few months ago they switched back to the first pump so once again it's only 2 pumps for the Regimen - but they haven't backtracked and fixed their videos / all their instructions a second time. Mora
  5. I stopped putting it on my nose because I'm pretty sure I've only ever had 2 nose pimples. Initially I used it on my nose but why put it somewhere you don't get acne? To me that's like putting it on my fingernails lol.
  6. Dan's products are the best and give the best results. Usually people with any sort of real acne troubles pretty much need the official products, at least from what I've seen / been told. As with shaving (I'm not a dude but have a husband) make sure you soak your face in warm water before to help soften the hairs and minimize pulling effects of razors. It's good that you're being careful around the pimples. I worry that maybe you should stop shaving for a week and see what happens? Depends o
  7. I'm not a dude but I have a husband who every time he shaves he gets ingrown hairs. What really helps is soaking your face is warm water beforehand. It softens the hairs so he's less prone to get ingrown ones. And I know it seems kinda silly but try exfoliating the skin after you shave - it gets rid of a layer of skin so your hairs are less likely to become ingrown. And Dan recommends a 2 blade razor because he's experimented a lot with all different kinds and these are the best in his exper
  8. AHA+ is a chemical exfoliant and is best used in conjunction with BP. It helps lessen "acne scars" and helps get rid of product build up and dry skin. You have to be on the Regimen for at least 5 weeks before you start using AHA+ because it is a very strong product just like the BP. Slowly add AHA+ to your Regimen. Start with once a week, then the next week do it twice, and the next week 3 times, etc. until you can use it every night without problems. Expect a burning / stinging feeling
  9. I would wait if at all possible. The official Acne.org products are so amazing and totally worth the wait. I don't think I'll ever switch to anything else throughout my entire acne experience, because this stuff is so effective. It's worth waiting through the rough patches and dedicating time to it. I really hope you're clear in time for your wedding! I got married last December and man I wish I'd bought the Regimen before then.. I found this site over a year ago but didn't have the money so
  10. We're glad to have you back, keep us posted man! As a side note I've recently cut down my BP to half dose to see if my skin still stays clear.. It cuts 15 minutes out of my Regimen routine, I swear! Maybe think about doing something like that once you get clear again because it is such a time commitment that any time that can be saved is worth it.
  11. Remember that if you stop the Regimen for some time then your skin has to get reaccustomed to it. So expect some breakouts / purging, and some redness and dryness. It will go away with time, in my experience the longer you persevere the better your skin gets used to the BP and cooperates.
  12. Make sure you're letting everything dry in between. It all becomes a weird mess on your face if you don't let it dry. I had that issue due to the slightly confusing matter of the instructions for the Regimen. They tried to make them as simple as possible and in doing so left them slightly confusing to detail-oriented people like me... Good that you're asking though! Many people learned things here by trial and error (*raises hand*)
  13. Slowly build up as mentioned by Ilovemesomevanity. You can spot treat red spots in the morning, one "dot" that you get from gently squeezing the tube (you'll see what I mean when you use it) should be enough to treat most of the spots if not all. At night eventually you will use one finger's length for your entire face. It does burn but you completely get used to it, I'm 3 months into using it and never feel burning anymore (except around my nose oddly enough). Also yeah it is a chemical exf
  14. Once you hit 5 weeks it's safe to start using AHA+. It's the chemical exfoliant that acne.org sells. I was having issues with the cleanser not fully removing residue AND dry skin, but the AHA+ has taken care of both when applied regularly. It doesn't cost much and I got my first bottle/tube at least 3 months ago and I'm still trying to finish up using it (and I use it every night all over my face) so it lasts a while and is a worthwhile addition to the Regimen.
  15. Has there been any change in routine? Not just the Regimen itself but daily routine. Wearing hats, unwashed pillowcase, more or less BP than usual, change in hair care product or makeup (if you wear it), etc.
  16. I find Nyan Cat mesmorizing

  17. I avoided natural light for some time because my husband always so kindly told me "Your acne is really apparent in natural light" -_-" made me so upset for while. I also got really upset when I was in the bathroom at my place of work because the lights they have in there make my face slightly translucent so any forming acne was really really obvious. You'll get over it once it starts clearing though.. or at least I did.
  18. Honestly it all depends on each person. Any info you can find is generally meant to be a guide to people so they can have some idea of what might be good and bad for them but it varies from person to person. The only time to be concerned about something is if it actually adversely effects your health (like cancer causing ingredients!). So if your skin is accustomed to it and there is no research to support any adverse health effects then I say onward, onward! Also testing on whether somethin
  19. Oh no it's fine, I just want to help you if I can so specifics are good... Using http://www.acne.org/whatisacne.html as a reference it looks / sounds like you have pustules (see #2 - Inflammatory Acne, the picture on the right). It's very good that you hate to touch them - touching any kind of acne is bad for it. So we've got it identified. Now I've never had pustules so I'm not sure about any more specifics but hopefully someone with that kind of acne finds this thread.
  20. Brasswill is right... Do what you can to make yourself smile. When my acne was the worst I got so down on myself that I kinda let myself go. It's hard to look at someone in a romantic way if they clearly don't care about themselves and are extremely depressed. Treat yourself sometimes. Get a manicure, or give yourself one.. Do your hair fancy.. Use nice lotion that makes you feel soft and feminine.. Dress in a way that gives you confidence in yourself (as opposed to makes you feel insecure).
  21. Actually they have had success in curing cancer by injecting modified HIV cells into a person with leukemia. They modified them so they would attack only cancerous cells. So they seek and destroy cancerous cells, and once there are no more they die off because they have nothing to "feed" on, so to speak. So do your research - besides, where would the "health"care industry be without the revenue they gain from acne, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.? Don't fool yourself, the entire world is l
  22. It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, are they raised bumps? Red or pink? Scabs or scars? Do they hurt when you touch them? And any other descriptions you can think of. Give some specifics and we will all do our best to help you out...
  23. Also I'm guessing that person was pretty young.. preteen or teen. You should learn and know right now that teens are really stupid when it comes to judging other people. They do it all the time. Speaking as a current teen and former victim of judgmental teens (I'm 19 now, hey that's still a teen), like 99% of teenagers are insecure and therefore judge others for what they look like. Pretty much anything mean any teenager says to any other teenager, disregard. And if they aren't young then th