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  1. I wasn't in that situation but I know plenty who were or are. My husband lived with his parents until he was 22. Then he scraped together enough money to rent a studio apartment. Eventually he was able to get a bigger apartment, his own car, etc. but it took a lot of time and saving. My brother-in-law is 27 and still lives with his parents. It's because he has a pretty sweet deal though. He works for them, so he pays rent to them (it's measly) and he gets his own side of the house, his mom
  2. I apologize for my incredibly selfish behavior of not being able to get on :( Life is hard! I'm trying though.

  3. I apologize for my incredibly selfish behavior of not being able to get on :( Life is hard! I'm trying though.

  4. Hi, I'm not new to acne.org by any means. I had terrible acne that I cleared up with the Regimen, and I've stayed clear since. However, recently something has been on my mind. My mom has rosacea, she's had it since she was 27. And right now, I'm only 19, but I know without a doubt I'm going to have the same rosacea as her, and what scares me is that I have all the symptoms now. I've always had problems with dilated blood vessels on my cheeks but recently I'm turning red on a hair trigger.
  5. It's not moisturizing enough for the Regimen for most people, plus it tends to flake off throughout the day. If you are going to try it, do what the first reponse says and get your own plant.. They are INCREDIBLY easy to take care of, we have one just for looks because they do not die easy and look neat. However aloe is definitely excellent for sun burns, etc. and helping skin heal because it has similar genetic structure to human skin (weird I know)
  6. They're about all the same as long as they're 100% pure jojoba oil. But I also get Desert Essence because it's the best priced one in my area.
  7. It's not like jojoba oil is the only product in his moisturizer, there's also the licochalcone.. or however you spell it. The licorice extract stuff. And reagents to keep the product stable for shelf-life. It may or may not be the jojoba oil. But if you still have jojoba oil lying around I would try the jojoba exfoliation method, it's a great substitute for the AHA+ for exfoliation. It doesn't do quite as well but it's about as close as you can get while still being on the Regimen.
  8. Yes, get dressed before applying BP and just be careful when applying it. I've never had BP bleach anything but hand towels (not even my sheets) because I'm very careful when applying BP. I've used BP in one concentration or another for over a year.
  9. Did you ever try adding AHA+? That's what's been really effective for me. Using Dan's moisturizer in the morning and AHA+ at night. No mo' flakes! It's weird that the jojoba oil caused you to feel like your BP wasn't drying all the way though because you have to wait for the BP to dry before you put on moisturizer with jojoba oil...
  10. It has never bleached any of my facial hair, eyebrows or otherwise (yes, I have "otherwise" ). I've seen one or two people post about it slightly dying their eyebrows before but generally you're not spreading it on your eyebrows anyways so I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. It's in the nature of the product for it to burn so don't freak out. Dan has admitted that you can start it as early as 3 weeks but he recommends waiting until 5 weeks because you don't want to freak out your skin by doing too much at once. Start slowly with it if you decide to do it.
  12. Benzoyl peroxide does make it fade faster. While the rest of the spray tan can last up to 10 days the BP washed the face tan off in like 5. It's awful and unfair, I wish it didn't.
  13. Sounds like it's infected. The best thing to do is to leave it alone. Don't touch it, don't put makeup on it. I know it sucks to not cover it up but that thing sounds infected and doing stuff will just irritate it more. This is exactly why you aren't supposed to pop pimples, they are much more likely to get infected.
  14. Not if you have hormonal acne. Just saying. Mine is completely hormonal and it's not fair but all the women in my family are crazy-hormoned. But I completely agree that most people make their minor acne a ton worse by trying really super hard to get rid of it with all these awful products that don't work at all. It's best to leave it be or find one thing and stick to it instead of putting a chemical cocktail on your face.
  15. Hey, Where are you getting Nizoral now? Or did you have extra bottles? I'm in CA, my boyfriend needs it for his sebhorreic dermatitis and we can't find it anywhere because the factory moved! You can get generic stuff at the store that is a little bit less powerful than perscription. I think my brother-in-law got his from Walmart? The generic OTC stuff is pretty close to the effectiveness of perscription stuff. If your boyfriend has a perscription (which is really easy to get) you can get it at
  16. That is bizarre! Though I know what you're talking about, I get the same weird white rollies when I rub my face in the shower. Have you tried AHA+? It's majorly awesome in exfoliating.. I'm not a big fan of manual exfoliation (laaaaazy) but I like the AHA+ cuz you just slap it on and bam you're exfoliated.
  17. Are you asking if the acne.org BP would clump with the acne.org moisturizer? I'm a little bit confused.
  18. Yeah everyone is a bit different.. Some can't use it every night, some have to use moisturizer afterwards, etc. Just be persistent in figuring out what routine is best for you!
  19. You don't have to but I started off slowly and ramped it up. One week use it once, then the next week use it twice, etc. if you want to be really careful (until you ramp it up to every night). However I cheated a little and used it once the first week, three times the second week, and the third week I started using it every night and I did fine. I did purge a little but that's to be expected I think, then I got super clear. The AHA+ is really awesome in conjunction with BP, something about that
  20. Well it generally doesn't cause peeling in skin so I'm not sure why that is happening. Are you using 2.5%? Are you using Dan's or the Neutrogena On-The-Spot treatment he recommends? As a side note, your skin does adjust to the BP with time (a few weeks to a few months). It differs for everyone how long it takes but it took about 3.5 months for me.
  21. It may take longer to dry on your face but that is fine, and like markronan said be sure to wear sunblock every day!
  22. Agreed, do the jojoba exfoliation method. Here's how (so you don't have to search for it): Put some jojoba oil on your face (enough to coat your face) and gently massage with the pads of your fingers for a few minutes. You'll see the residue / dead skin start to ball up, that is what we want, keep massaging gently until it seems like you aren't going to get anymore. Then rinse it off and continue with Regimen (cleansing, etc.) I had to do this 2-3 times a week until I was able to get AHA
  23. You can begin using AHA+ at 5 weeks! And do it at night after the BP. You don't have to moisturize after it but you can if you want to - I've never found a need to but some people still have to.
  24. Another option (this is what I did) is to use jojoba oil to gently massage it off your face. It doesn't take much pressure and I'm pretty sure it didn't break me out. Even if it did break me out (which I'm 99% sure it didn't), it was enough to hold me over until I hit 5 weeks and then could use AHA+. So that's a pretty good option. Do it before cleansing, etc. - I did it 2-3 times a week and that really helped.
  25. You can't really know until you try it out for yourself. In my experience once my acne was under control and I was completely pimple-free I did not break out from any sort of alcohol. But I was worried about the effects of alcohol on my acne before I got my acne under control. If you want to you can test it yourself and see how your body responds, or you can just wait until you're clear and then you should be fine