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  1. Hi all, I have been busy for a while, so I haven't got a chance to blog, but I just want to update you with the progress of my acne. I am glad to say that I am clear from acne It has been 6 years, and I'm now 17, it has taken a long time, though trial and error. The main reason, I think that had helped me clear my acne is not stressing, and to control your emotions. I know it's hard to do, but I promise that once you stop fussing with your skin, stop worrying about what people would think of y
  2. My acne has improved a lot, but yesterday 2 giant zit came up on my chin, its a pustule and a cyst. They are both very very painful and I'm sure it will leave a huge spot mark. I think it's hormonal acne... But the rest of my face it clear, its just these two painful zits. =( Hopefully it will go soon.
  3. My regimen for those who are interested. Daily AM: wash face with Clean&Clear deep action cream wash Use my own made apple cider toner then I use my Asda oil control dual action moisturiser. I really love this stuff. i think its only available in the UK =( If I have a spot I'll put some BP on it I use Duac once daily gel. PM: Wash face with Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash then I apply my Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturiser. If I have spots, I'll use
  4. I haven't had a break-out for a month now. I don't know if this means my acne is clearing up or what. I am so happy that i wake up and not find a new zit on my face =) Its feels weird, but good! However, I did have a big cystic spot on my chin, but i put some BP on it and it went by the end of the day!! A miracle?? Looking at my face now, I'll say that I'm 99% cleared!! I haven't got any active spots, but i have got lots of marks left by previous spots. I got it especially on my chin, and cheeks
  5. So, I haven't been wearing make-up for the past week and I notice the difference in my skin. It looks really fresh and clean, if you know what I mean. It take a few minutes to get ready in the mornings now. I just put moisturizer on and I'm ready. I try to only wear make-up on special occasions, or not wear anything at all, it depends on how red my face is. If i do wear make-up it would be a minimal amount and it would be powder foundation or mineral foundation. Not wearing make-up allows yo
  6. I have noticed that every time I use make-up, I breakout in spots. So, I am trying to not wear any make-up at all to see if there is any improvements. Since there is no school, I am going to try it out. I will update in a week.
  7. It has been a month since I last posted a blog. Sorry, I have been busy with exams, but now I'm free for 2 months. During the last month I've had really bad breakout, because of the stress I was in. Now that my exams are finished my skin is clearing up again. However, I get those red spot marks left behind by the spots. Which is just as bad as having spots itself My dry skin has finally cleared up!! Thanks to my organic Aloe Vera gel. I also notice it is less greasy and oily. But throug
  8. It has been 4 day since I used aloe vera gel as a moisturiser, and my dry skin has improved a lot. I want to continue using it to see if it can clear my spots as well. If you have dry, irritated skin, aloe vera is a great product to heal it. I have also started to use retin-A again and its still drying but, I will grin and bear it.
  9. Wow thanks. I have started to use it again now ^^ and yes it burns, but beauty is pain
  10. I make my own toner. It is made from apple cider vinegar, green tea and lemon juice. These ingredience helps to reduce spot marks, reduce pore size and reduce oil. I use this toner every night, as I find it too drying if I use it in the morning as well. After it had dried, I put on retin-A. I make 2 weeks worth and keep it in a jar and put it in the fridge. Therefore when you apply it on your face, its cold and it feels really nice =) However, I have not used this toner for 1 week, because
  11. I found this website the other day and I found it pretty helpful. Its called Face Mapping and is helps find the underlying causes for your spots.. . How amazing it that? Hopefully by making these changes my ance will improve. Here, check it out: (http://www.skinacea.com/acne/acne-face-map.html) Good Luck ^.^
  12. I had a HUGE cup of coffee last week, and my mum warned me that I will pop up in spots. Of course being a teenager I didn't listen to her. So, today when I woke up I found 4 new tiny cycts around my mouth area and a huge one above my lips =,( it is painful to talk and smile. I did some research on caffeine and found it is bad to dink coffee/coke if you suffer for acne. The moral of this story is stay away from caffeine, it is easy for me to say because I don't depend on caffeine to make it
    Great for dry skin Makes skin glow smooth Natural!! inexpensive overall AMAZING Nothing bad to say about it! I have only used this mask once and its fantastic and I will continue to use it. However don't use it too much, maybe once a month or else you will grow immune to it. It smells so nice so don't be tempted to eat it.
    Made spots disappear faster fade spot marks less greasy drying breakout from the first few uses. made skin tight Made my skin peel and break out from the first few uses, but the spots was relatively fast to disappear. The tube is biggg! so it will last a long time. But remember to use a oil free moisturiser. I got it prescribed from my doctor so it was free.
    Lighting skin fade spot marks reduce spots shrinks pores reduce blackheads Stings a lot, especially if you have sensitive skin It made my skin really light and faded some of my old spot scars =) made my pores smaller and my face was less oily. Dilute if you have sensitive skin and always remember to use an oil free moisturiser as it can be too drying. I urge you to get it a try!