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  1. you laugh because you are an idiot
  2. if its sensitive enough to use on your Arse Grapes then it might be worth a try. Do you know what is in these ointments?
  3. in my experience, none of them worked.
  4. Well you've all livened up a bit i see, and if you read some of my posts you'd see that i havent tried it because i dont feel the need to, but i've spoken to people who do use UT, thats how i know a little about it, unlike some people. And thatoneguy-you and violeta should get together, i reckon there would be some riveting conversations!
  5. eh? get over it U should go and take so anger management classes and learn how to behave . :wink: what are you going on about? I give up. its pretty obvious that you know everything (or rather you think you do).
  6. by the way violeta, the i changed the 'get a life ' comment before you replied (you can check if ya like) because i thought it was a bit harsh. vinegar? where do get vinegar when you are on the beach?
  7. hehe doypeht, all i was trying to say is dont knock something until you've tried it. no arguing here, just a good old fashioned heated debate. :wink: sj
  8. Like is said, it must be practiced in the correct way. One example for you. If you are stung by a jellyfish do you know what the best remedy is? You can ask a doctor if you like.
  9. The funny thing is that you could be kissing someone all night and you wouldnt even know if they used UT because when practiced in the correct way there is no smell. Why do you think that this is a taboo subject. People who do it dont talk about it because of other peoples uneducated reactions.
  10. I have a couple of books on the subject so i already know that you shouldnt practice UT if your diet is crap. So whats this 'special diet' for UT? Apart from just avoiding garbage food and drugs. Shouldnt we all do this anyway? You've listed some good used for Urine but you said you wouldnt touch anyone with piss on thier face! What if someone in your own family used UT, would you run away from them shouting EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. well?
  11. You have obviously done absloutely no research on Urine Therapy and that is why you know nothing about it. Your narrow minded views are so typical of people in the western world today. Like i said before this therapy has been used for THOUSANDS of years, long before there were any clinique products and it is still used today. If you dont want to use it you dont have to but please dont say that it is disgusting when you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not saying that it can cure a
  12. Urine is an excellent moisturiser and has been used for thousands of years. I dont think that it is great to treat acne but some people claim that it works for them.
  13. i stopped using all kinds of special face washes, cleansers etc and now just use water and my skin is never dry or blotchy any more. All that stuff just caused mor damage to my skin and was a complete waste of money. Maybe they work for some people. Not me.
  14. I guess it has many uses! But seriously i had big red chapped lips for years and tried loads of stuff but vaseline is the only thing that worked really well, better than other chapstick things and its the cheapest. Just dont smear it all over your face or you'll get some strange looks.
  15. To be honest the natural way through diet is best because it wont cause too much of a change in your routine. Taking supplements when your liver is toxic and in need of a real clear out can sometimes be hard and include some side effects (but it will be worth it in the long run). Here is some info on the subject http://www.drloripuskar.com/liverdetox.htm Here is some herbal stuff: http://www.herbalfitness.com/products.shtml http://www.suzannes.com/liverdetox.html supplements: http://phys
  16. lots of green veggies will help to cleanse your liver, they are more eefective than other fruits and veg. There are some good detox suppps aswell to help do this.
  17. sj

    Your diet

    If you wanna cleanse/detox your liver eat a sh!tload of greens/cabbage and other leafy green vegetables. I dont care whether you like them or not they are proven to clear out toxins in your liver better than anything else. Check out some diet/nutrition websites for more info. Also if you like to have a few beers try and eat a load of green veggies with you rdinner before you go out boozin. Because of their liver cleansing qualities you should be a lot less likely to have a bad hangover the next
  18. sj

    Your diet

    I've really cut back on milk and stopped eating cheese which has really helped. I dont eat much sweets or chocolate anyway and never eat fast food crap. I dont know if avoiding the junk helps my skin much but i know i'll be a hell of a lot healthier without it. At least i dont get wild mood swings like the guy next door who always has a stinking burger or kebab hanging out of his mouth.
  19. Where do i send the money? How long will it take to get it?
  20. Another thing, always take B5 with food or a few minutes before you eat. I have taken it without food and it makes me real hungry all day when i do that. Since taking it only with meals i dont have the hunger cravings anymore. I was also losing weight (only a couple of pounds) when i was taking it without food. good luck sj
  21. i've been using the acnemiracle B5 topical gel that comes free when you buy a months supply of B5. After 2 weeks i dont think that its doing much but its probably too early to tell. It isnt causing me any problems and seeing as i dont use any other topicals-except for 100% aloe vera- I'll keep using it for now.
  22. Hey everyone I just hought I'd add my B5 story after reading about some of the downsides. I've been on B5 for around 10 weeks now at 10g per day. I also eat a healthy diet, exercise regualarly and take other supps like Vit C, Fish Oil,Zinc and B-Complex. I have never had any stomach problems during my B5 experience and my skin is the best it has been for a long time (i have been dealing with acne for 10 years now). In fact the only side-effects i have had have been the occasional spot in unusua