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  1. Month 2: Day 11 Pimple that appeared to be going away has turned into a purpleish cyst. I want to cry. Two cysts from before still hanging in there, and my forehead and back keep breaking out. Otherwise ok. My throat is really dry and hurts. I hope this is a weird accutane thing and I'm not getting sick.
  2. Month 2: Day 7 (I think) My breakout from last time is definitely improving. Almost everything has turned into a flaky red mark, which sucks, but at least it's not active. The one cyst on my jawline is hanging in there (though it's gotten smaller), as is the one next to my mouth. I haven't touched either of these at all by the way. It's weird how long some things take to go away on Accutane, and it's really annoying! My back and chest have also been very slightly breaking out, just with
  3. Thank you so much for your kind response. A large part of this is definitely stress. I'm a senior in college, writing my senior thesis (a 60-100 page paper--YIKES!), and I tend to turn all my stress about that onto how I feel about my looks, my skin especially. I gave up working on it for a while and watched some episodes of Supernatural. That made me feel better cuz hey, my skin might be crap, but at least I'm not getting possessed by demons or something lol. I just need to keep thinking
  4. Yes, I use Dan's moisturizer morning and night. It's wonderful and soothing. My redness has gone down a good bit. Besides a couple spots I don't have active acne right now (save whiteheads) so I'll be good with just gentle cleansing and moisturizing 2x a day. I literally just use BP as a spot treatment now because a few months ago my skin rebelled against the treatment. I used to apply a good amount of Dan's BP in the morning/afternoon after my shower, just once a day. Sometimes twice a day if
  5. Do you use a facial moisturizer daily? I've used BP and retinol in the past, and they burned my skin too. However, mixing a small amount of BP with a good non-greasy moisturizer makes it much less harsh on the skin, because the extra moisture keeps your skin from getting too dry and sensitive. Do you use BP once a day or twice a day? If twice a day, try switching to once a day at night (mixed with moisturizer) and then just wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use moisturizer in the morn
  6. May or may not have been crying on and off all morning. Sooo THAT's how I feel about my acne today lol. I just don't know why it upsets me so much. I know in my head that there are so many other more important things, and I have a lot going for me otherwise. But when I break out like this, it's like I go from being a smart happy 22-year-old to being in middle school again, feeling small and ugly and miserable. I'm crippled by my low self-esteem, and I keep sabotaging myself in small ways
  7. I'm so sorry that you're feeling that way, yet, at the same time, I completely understand how you feel. Just know that your skin does not make you a monster, and I'm sure you have so many wonderful qualities that more than make up for having less than perfect skin. Since you have cystic acne and it seems like you've tried everything else, I'd really suggest giving accutane a try if you haven't already. I've had acne ranging from severe-moderate-mild for over 10 years, and accutane worked w
  8. Month 2: Day 3 I'm having a really bad day. I'm actually crying right now. I'm so upset about my skin, I don't want to go anywhere. I feel so ugly all the time, and I just don't know what to do. I know that on Accutane everything gets worse before it gets better, but I'm so tired of constantly feeling unworthy and awful about myself. I don't think anyone is reading my log cuz I don't post pictures, but if you are I could really use some encouragement right now.
  9. MONTH 2: DAY 1 Just saw my derm yesterday and got my pills refilled, so YAY MONTH 2! My derm thinks my skin looks good, but I don't agree. I was also wearing makeup when I went because I had to run errands afterward. The two cysts by the sides of my mouth are very, very slowly going away. One came to a head, and I was able to pop it without any damage, so it's healing a little faster. The other one is taking it's sweet time though. Both look pretty ugly. I also got two smaller, but
  10. Yes, it will last the entire time, unfortunately. It might even get worse than it is now. I recommend using the Cetaphil moisturizing cream for your face.
  11. Day 25 Yesterday skin was okay aside from scars and some healing zits, but suddenly two cysts popped up on either side of my mouth last night before I went to bed (wtf how do they even do that). They are red and angry looking, though they don't hurt yet. I also had a giant cyst on my forehead (in addition to the one from several days ago), which I couldn't help popping because it WAS really painful. I'll try to leave these two alone, so maybe they'll go away on their own. Otherwise, stil
  12. More day 20...I have a big Latin test tomorrow and got really stressed. So, even though my skin is looking totally passable, I picked at it, and now it looks like crap. I picked at the blackheads on my nose, removing a patch of skin on my nostril in the process, one small one on my cheek, also removing some skin around it and making it all red, and one painful one on my forehead. UGHH I don't know what's wrong with me. Also my skin is SO SENSITIVE already. I don't remember it being like thi
  13. DAY 20 UGHHH I just blow-dried my bangs and a quarter-sized chunk of skin came off my forehead. THIS IS NICE. Except not at all. GOD Accutane is just the worst.
  14. END OF DAY 16 By this time during my last course, I was starting my initial breakout. Now, my skin is actually doing...dare I say it...okay?? I had a couple of cysts on my left cheek next to my lip last week, which I popped, and they are healing fairly normally, though not as quickly as I would like. I also keep getting cysts near my hairline (which is odd, because I never break out there usually), but I have bangs so it's pretty easy to hide. Otherwise, no noticeable acne at all. My ba
  15. It's so weird, I always think that I'm lucky because no one really says anything bad about my skin, but then I remember one incident, then another, and another! I've had a couple of friends sort of passive aggressively point it out. Once, I was just walking with a friend, who has perfect skin btw, talking about something, and all of a sudden she's like "God, don't you hate it when people have those really big nasty zits on their face. I don't know why they don't just pop them. It's so gross