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  1. i would pay pretty much any price for tretinoin. Fortunately, it's only $40 for a tube.
  2. Since it seems that the scars are superficial, perhaps you should consider retin-A (tretinoin). It seems to help superficial scarring and the overall appearance of skin. I am at about 1 yr and I am just starting to see the final results. It does take months before one sees significant results, however.
  3. Huh? What exactly are you trying to say by posting this video? People should buy dermablend?
  4. If it's really shallow- Retin A. It can often take 1+ yrs to see results however.
  5. overexposed pictures don't really help assess the condition of your skin. Take some pics with even lighting. Also, I'm not sure who "they" are, but if your skin can be photographed for modeling assignments and it is not a major problem, then I can't see why you would need to have "softer" skin for acting jobs. Your "type" for acting roles would most likely lean towards rugged anyway.
  6. are you for REAL? If you are, I wanted to let you know that I can perform the same service that woman is offering right over FACEBOOK and for a really reasonable price too (twitter is extra) lol. I can also perform an acne excorcism as it is WELL known that demon possession is one of the leading causes of acne! Act now! Your mortal soul and, more importantly, your skin are in grave danger!
  7. I have some of these too...I'm hoping the retin a will help smooth them over time.
  8. I think it's unlikely. I can only speak from my own experience, but when I moved up from Differin/Adapalene 0.1 to Tretinoin 0.05 gel, I did not purge at all and that's a pretty significant jump in potency.
  9. Where did you read that? I actually read that 0.5 mm and above can induce collagen. I believe there have been studies that concluded that 0.5 mm was sufficient to induce collagen, but I'll have to check.
  10. advice: follow the instructions of your dermatologist. If you are not satisfied with your derm, seek out a new one. You're questioning whether your derm is providing you sound advice, yet you are willing to accept the suggestions of random people on the internet? That doesn't make sense to me.
  11. I've heard a lot of good things about the Clarisonic brush. I've never heard of the other products.
  12. OTC glycolic products at that strength will do little to nothing for indented scars.
  13. Different skin reacts in different ways. I've never experienced any burning sensation from Differin: I actually find it very mild. Bump up to 0.05% tretinoin in an alcohol gel; you'll feel the burn then LOL
  14. That's just your skin reacting to it. You can dial it back to every second or third night until your skin become accustomed to the irritation. However, since your tretinoin is combined with another active, you should consult your derm before proceeding with an alternating routine. I actually use about 4 pea sizes each time I apply it. But you should definitely follow the instructions if it says just one pea (mine doesn't)
  15. I think a retinoid could help out your skin and the congestion. Also, if your skin isn't dry, I wouldn't recommend applying a moisturizer at all. I avoid it during the summer completely. I have similar veins near my eyes: it's typically genetic. From most accounts, there is little that can be done for it. The only thing that appears to have improved mine has been use of tretinoin (a retinoid). It also totally looks like you're stoned in the last two pics LOL