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  1. Another problem with not revealing the mechanism: But this is really upsetting. If you are a person that needs to do exercise quite much allready before taking Accutane, and feel that if you quit you will feel bad, Accutane is NOT for you. If you do heavy exercise while taking the drug, you will have to take it longer until it works, simply because you are then working "towards" the medicine. You shoot up the hormonal levels - and with the medicine you shoot down your sensitivity for hormones
  2. Try to get a deal where a good twisted brain-shrink is included in the package. I´d prefer to go there before Accutane more than after, because then the problems are easier to solve at that time.
  3. Big No, No. Working out on Accutane is stupid. What you do is work out to rise your hormonal level, and using accutane to shrink it permanently. That is bad.
  4. FrankieB, Stantheman is one of the few that actually manages to follow his own common sense, and take care of his health. Those are few nowadays. Just listen to the word "Accutane", doesn´t it sound ugly?
  5. But after, I have to say that I think that the psych acute is one of the funniest places I´ve ever seen. First you have to stand outside, and they watch you with a camera, to see if you´re violent or not. Then you get to the reception, where they have thick glass in order to protect themselves. Then, you get into a room, where there are buttons to press, just in case you´re a real case.