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Super Jesus

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    Wouldn't you miss me at all?
  1. Super Jesus

    warn level question

    are you sure about that?
  2. Super Jesus

    warn level question

    My warn level is 0%
  3. I noticed that Syd Barrett was on your avatar. i think i cried inside. Great picture. :D

    1. Super Jesus

      CSR in CVS

      England. but in 10 days i'll be living in BC, Canada
    2. Super Jesus

      CSR in CVS

      Thanks. and, nope. i'm not joking. never heard of it, not sure if me being a non-american is anything to do with it.
    3. Super Jesus

      CSR in CVS

      what is CVS?
    4. Super Jesus

      Remove the postcount

      shut up santacruz. my post count is higher, therefore i'm cooler and you cant tell me what to do.
    5. amazing dan, really something special.
    6. Super Jesus


      most people dont want to read that. hand up who didnt shudder when they saw it!
    7. Super Jesus


      it isnt homophobia, i am not scaed of gay people. i just think you should enforce the 'no sexual content' rule that you have chosen to take upon yourself as mods. it's one rule for us, and another for you mods! nobody likes to read "im suprised you can sit down after last night" etc..
    8. Super Jesus

      Exciting News!

      whoa! this is exciting!
    9. Super Jesus


      wow I've never heard more bullshit in my life, ahahahahahah dude masturbation fantasies don't count i dont think so, he has probally got a girlfriend and has sex on tap. nothing that doesnt usually happen in the real world.
    10. Super Jesus


      umm wait... whoa re you again? actually it doesnt matter. peace. Rofl burn seriously is it? you're telling me that "who are you? you dont know me... get a life" child-like gibberish is actually classed as a burn to you? maybe you should stop telling your fucking crazy, acne-free freinds to stop coming here to cause problems mike. or did you prominse him a good old fashioned rimjob if he trolled here and LH well. because repeated threads about analsex is not conside