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  1. New4You


    definately go for it ...
  2. I would DEFINATELY say it saved my life - I was so depressed before it, that I did not want to live any longer with the pain of fuc#ing acne! Why did I wait so long ... the derms that I went to see would not give it to me. It seemed that just before each derm visit that my acne would clear up a little - so that when the derm examined me, he would say "it's not that bad. I can only give accutane for REALLY bad acne. yours is only moderate". The next day invariably, my acne would flare up again a
  3. New4You


    Restalyne does work ... Good luck !
  4. Hi There, Just feel like I wanted to share this.... I had severe acne between the ages of 13 - 26. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. It got so bad (Im sure many will understand) that I attempted suicide on 2 occasions. Then I finally found a doctor willing to prescribe me Accutane (Roaccutane here in Australia). It cured me in 3 months. When my acne finally cleared up after more than 13 years of agony each day, I was so happy, I cried --- alone though, so no one would see me
  5. Restalyne has been available here in Australia for a few years now that I know of - Ive been getting it done for about 3 years. I like the benefits while they last. I typically need re-application each 3-4 months. The redness and swelling for me normally only last 2 or 3 days max. Normally costs about $350 AU. I will continue using it - mainly cause I think its the safest of the fillers on the market. It doesnt last as long as Id like, but at least its safe. Having said that, even 2 or 3 do
  6. tamara; thanks for the reassuring worrds .... dont get me wrong, Im no longer suicidal. I've been down that dark road and was lucky enough to survive. I have not been in that situation for many years now. However those days when I was suicidal, they have scarred me pschologically forever. They cant be forgotten. I think if we are all honest with ourselves, we would admit that we have all been effected to some degree or another.... tamara - all of what you say is true. Dont write off what I sa
  7. Hi; Each time I visit this site I am left wondering: A) Should I check out this site at all? When I do come here, it reminds me that I have scars and depresses me. (I try not to look at my skin closely in the mirror - on most days this system works, and I don't feel so depressed by my scarring). I'm sure there are other thinking the same: same days I feel good, other days I feel like I want to kill myself. Sometimes I think that visiting this site only reminds me of the bad aspects (acne scarr
  8. I would be wary of the Derm there (Dr Roberts) ....
  9. Hi Bulldog; how are you shaping up..... How long did the swelling and bruising last? Why were you instructed to massage the area continuosly? - what is the logic behind that? cheers N4Y
  10. Good Luck - I've got my fingers crossed for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you... cheers N4Y
  11. Bulldog - I forgot to ask you - " My remaining scars are all but gone due to super CP but I ......" WHere did you get the Super CP from? (os?) How much did it cost. How much improvement have you seen etc. Please give as much detail as possible on this - youve got me interested. cheers N4Y
  12. Bulldog; The derm that Im seeing for this is Dr Roberts - his surgery is in Surry Hills on the corner of Crown and Fouveoux Streets. It costs $350 for a 0.4 syringe or $500 for the 0.7 syringe. One good thing about Dr Roberts is that you can purchase the larger size and only use as much as you need during your first visit. YOu can then come back into the surgery at a later date for a touch up as required - i.e. and use up whatevers remaining from your 1st session. He keeps it in his fri
  13. Hatch; thats interesting - you say that NewFill lasts 1-2 years - and can cause the body to fill in your craters with collagen. Hmmm interesting! I have seen brochures in my derms office for NewFill, but he has never recommended it to me. If what you say is true, maybe he's never mentioned it because he can make more money with Restalyne sessions every 6-12 months as opposed to NewFill sessions every 1-2years? Please let us know how you go with it / and what are the costs? cheers
  14. Isologen - yeah, its similar in what it does ...... but like you say - its permanant - and not completely without risks. It says on the Isolagen website, if they need to extract Isolagen after its been injected, and can result in scarring. I've already got enough scars, I dont want to do any procedure that 'might' result in more. With this in mind, I'm choosing to stay away from Isolagen for the time being. N4Y
  15. Tamara; Restalyne has been available in Australia for a while now - I have been using it myself for at least the last 2 years. I cant remember how I first come across it - but I think I was looking for something which was Safe (no risk of further scarring) and Minimal Downtime (I had CO2 done about 3.5 years ago and was out of action for months looking like some sort of freak show!). My session on Friday was by far the best I've has so far. The downtime was minimal - I reckon that I cou