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  1. ... a little of what is in my present..... I am currently on Day 70 (week 10) of accutane and TBH it really is starting to get my down now! Im close to the point of 'quitting time' which I hoped I wouldn't get too. My skin is getting to that stage where it looks like it is suffering. Ive loads of little read marks from previous spots that look like what I can only describe as sores on my face, and a not so nice little cluster of white heads on my right hand chin/jaw line mixed in with som
  2. I have had mild acne all since around the age of 14 and it has been a persistent bugger! I have everything the pharmacist or boots has to offer and made my way though every 'spot drug' my GP has to offer and a various courses of the pill and lymacycline which seemed to help for a while but didnt quite zap my problems away. I took a course of accutane (3 months of 25mg, and 3 months of 35mg) After 6 long, very sore months of hiding in the house, my skin was amazing! I really thought I had cr