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  1. Nope, that´s not entirely true... studies has shown that u get more out of the traning if u gym for 45 min rather than 60 min
  2. Well, probably 95% like the gel and the rest dont... and im not with the "rest"... so in other words; HEEEELL YEAH!!..Silly boi
  3. I dont moist the non-dried skin, and it stil works..boy
  4. "Then spread the BP around VERY GENTLY with your fingers. Don't rub too hard" ... from the Step-by-step instructions
  5. non-comedogenic = Does not clog pores? If so... its non-comedogenic
  6. From what i read, Vit-A and bp somehow neutralizes one and another, thats why u cant use retin-A and bp togheter ...Or am i offside on this one?
  7. Would like a comment on this, Vit-A and bp dont work togheter... according to drugstore.com neutrogena healthy skin lotion SPF15 contains vitamin A.
  8. neutrogena healthy skin lotion SPF15 contains vitamin A.. that doesnt workout with bp does it?
  9. Yeah, got to be with u on this one chris.... i dont moist. the areas that are not dried up after that u applied bp, and as u say, why the fcuk do that "the moisterizer itself does not improve acne".
  10. Just started the regimen, but u guys who are voting should say what kind of acne u have too..
  11. I my self dont need the moisturizer :S... my skin seem to be absorbing almost all bp, and i dont get any fleakyness...hmm, did i spell that right =P
  12. Just as the title says, have someone had god results doing dans regimen only once a day? I myself started about 2 weeks ago, only doin´ it at night.