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  1. it is one vacancy my scar is a pic a glace I is not that he speaks English Give me time to tell you the final outcome wait 1 or 2 months to the final outcome statements for now I'm happy with the result but everything can change with time sory for my english the red zone and still 2 or 3 months final result a little behind next time I speak Frence you translate into English
  2. hello I have no usb cable transferring image .give me your phone number .I will send by mms poppyw redness update ?
  3. hello I remove the sutures instead scars there is a small pink task I apply the ointment in time it will disappear.there will be nothing to replace the scar.at worst it will be a small point that will not see.I'm happy with the result .il faut juste attendre 2 ou 3 mois pour quelles tâche rose disparaître. I paid 3200 euro.Mutual will pay me my 1300 euro. sorry for my english
  4. hi poppyw for red spot it takes up to 1 year to disappear completely
  5. the surgeon patrice hilligot in paris .it took me 25 scars with 25 suture .tomorow i will remove the sutures. I see the results . The holes are missing .i'm having little pink task instead . This is a good surgeon to a personal approach . attwater good luck sorry for my english
  6. Attwater i no speak englich i am french Excision scalpel in paris .chirurgien patrice hilligot .excision 25scare .resulta magnifique sorry i no speak english
  7. Hi poppy I hope everything goes well Update pleas Redness,Suture line,Is that the line sees its Sorry for my english
  8. Poppyw you can translate the text please j'espère que tu va bien.j'ai visité mon chirurgien.il ma dit que la rougeur va disparaitre avec le temps . mise a jour poppyw .
  9. Such as my surgeon How many millimeter Tomorrow World Cup Traduction One two three viva algeria
  10. You're beautiful poppys Redness disappears with time Is the surgeon does double suture? How big is the fine line scar excision I'm going to scalpel excision by a surgeon in 2 months .I'm afraid Is scar excision and flat Sorry for my english
  11. Poppyw. Lines disappear with time. updates??
  12. thank you poppyw .redness will disappear .is what makes your dual suture.how many scars you will do sorry for my english
  13. PoppyW you are beautiful the red line will disappear with time from 3 weeks My surgeon said that the fine line will disappear. let forume living for all of us post its result
  14. PoppyW cooool excision scalpel+chirurgien not dermatologue .....very good result . sorry no speak english I translated the page in french (google translation)I understand
  15. patrice hilligot in paris is formidable chirurgien french