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  1. See if you can get a medical leave from attending your classes. The emotional side effects of Acne should be taken into consideration within the medical community (i hope) At least a psychiatrist can do something? Show up on good days just to remind your instructors that you care. If you can't get a medical leave with Acne, try to make up another medical excuse.
  2. Thanks. I noticed theres a couple people who agree with me with one post, which says a lot. Im having a horrible day, mainly due to relationship problems via the emotional scars and physical scars. I feel extremely lonely. I dont have horrible scaring, but I noticed my face doesnt look good when in certain light and Im ALWAYS self conscious about it even when my face is virtually cleared up, so apparently this will continue throughout my life. I had horrible acne from around the age of 14-2
  3. Would the bacteria in the cyst somehow travel throughout your bloodstream and magnify/cause more acne in other areas?
  4. People dont laugh as in insult laugh. They laugh as a way to tell me that what i went through or how i feel is no big deal. They think it helps, but it doesnt and its one of the reasons why i cant really get over it and feel isolated. Like i mentioned at least rape victims are treated with care and consolation as they should as opposed to a "get over it" attitude, which is true to an extent. We all have to get over things to go on. For example, when i went to the doctor when it was the wo
  5. My adulthood has been shaped by acne. The person i was before and after it is completely different. I had horrible cystic acne. I broke out every two weeks with at least two cysts on my face (more on back). I could write a book about what I went through (so ill spare details), but Im currently concerned about how I feel now. I equate what i went through as worse than rape. At least its socially concluded that people are consoled or understood if they have gone through something so tramati