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  1. Well I have been using Paula's Choice BHA 2% liquid since Thurs. on just my cheeks, nose, and in between my eyes. In between my eyes seems okay but HOLY CRAP!!!! BREAKOUT CITY on my cheeks, under my nose (where I think the liquid drips) and nose!!!! Maybe it's an IB? No clue... I'm hoping so. I'm going to switch to using once a day I guess, and see where that takes me. I still do the regimen, just now on my nose and cheeks...but now I'm going to once a day. Still taking the same vitamins and st
  2. So. Still getting clogged pores in my cheeks and in between my eyebrows. And some on my chin as well. Just got a new pimple on my left cheek can't tell what it's going to be yet (big, small, easy, pain in the butt, etc.) I just ordered some BHA from Paula's Choice for my clogged pores...i just ordered a sample size but I will let you guys know how it goes. I got really bad stomach pain/heartburn recently, so I have had to take some medications (unfortunately) so that could have contribut
  3. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Well, haven't ran in the past two days due to emergencies. Got my hair done today and she put crap on my forehead. Then, fell asleep with my little make up on! I'm so stupid. Good thing I woke up at 1:30 AM at least to wash my face. But still. This is awful. So incredibly dumb of me I haven't done this in months! My own freakin' fault. My clogged pores are more enlarged, that's for sure. I also think I got some new ones That's what I get for not getting up when
  4. You are so welcome!

  5. So, did something bad tonight. I picked two raised blackhead things (not sure what they are called). One came out instantly, and I actually think it was okay as I long as I disinfected it (we will find out tomorrow though! Haha maybe I made it worse--which is most likely) and I also picked another blackhead thing...yeah, it's bigger my fault though! Sorry skin! So I have been running these past 3 days. I love it so far. But I also got a new pimple on my chest, which hasn't happened in a LO
  6. Hey thanks lady! It did help, thank you :)

  7. might help you!

  8. Hey! Someone mentioned to me yesterday when I was complaining about getting new breakouts that what we're doing is a regimen... and I was like, right??... and he said, "Well, it's long-term. Which means you'll have good days and bad days." For the first time that realization clicked, and I was like... I seriously need to stop obsessing over my face. So, I just thought that

  9. Haha, oh my... my last rant was insane! It was late though (3 AM--after Harry Potter too) and I was upset. And just to state first off, I think by now if you are reading my blog you have probably discovered it is a hybrid of the DKR regimen and holistic health. So, that being said... I did have a breakout Thurs/Fri of last week. My chin still has little ones, I have two pretty big ones above my lip, the cyst on my right cheek is still lingering, and two (possibly three) on my forhead.
  10. Haha, adding yet another reply! So, I took a look at Country Life Vitamins on their website, DejaClaireVoyant. I'm really liking the ingredient list! And awesome enough, they sell it at a stor 10 min. away from my work So, I'm gonna go check those out. I wish I didn't take my old vitamin a already...haha, oh well. I will report back! Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Or...maybe I will continue and see what happens? I don't know. Because it is helping my overall complexion and oiliness a lot...just giving me random bumps P.S. Soy sucks...it's in freakin' everything.
  12. Thanks for all of the responses guys! Yeah it just makes me nervous...even if it is not the WHOLE reason. I'm going to go searching today for some without. I will take those instead and see what happens. I will let you guys know what I find out. GreenEyes, are the pills breaking you out at all?
  13. Hi, So I am currently taking zinc, vitamin A, and D3. I have been taking zinc for awhile with pretty good results, but not totally clear. So about 3, 4 days ago, I added Vitamin A & D3. Both (unlike my zinc) contain soybean oil. I have had a breakout, so I'm wondering if it is just an IB and my body is getting used to it? If it's the soybean oil? Or if its the supplement(s) itself. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I know that I am vitamin D deficient. So, that is the reson for that.
  14. Really discouraged right now. So...I took D3, Vitamin A, and Cod Liver Oil tonight...which I probably should have done slowly(incorporated one after the other after time)...but didn't. Ate a bit of chocolate at the movie...probably shouldn't have done that either. I have 3 NEW pimples on my chin...one is a cyst, a cyst on my lip, clogged pores on right cheek more enlarged, and a new zit on my forehead. WTF!? SERIOUSLY?! I was doing so well...just wanted to add more vitamins...god forbi
  15. One word for today: RED! SUPER RED! Which is weird, because I haven't been this red in awhile (or ever, maybe...). Maybe I'm allergic to something I have eaten? I have also slightly increased my BP amount, so that could be it too. Hopefully it calms down by midnight (at least, before would be preferable), as I am going to be seeing HARRY POTTER AT MIDNIGHT!!!! I'm excited Don't judge, haha. Maybe I will post a picture of it later. Anyways, so the tea tree oil was good. Think it made my pi