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  1. That's funny because yes, I noticed that when I go tanning they are much better. The small bumps have increased so much since I stopped tanning
  2. Update! So, they've been getting better and slowly *very* slowly, reducing in size and number. I am extremely gentle with them, not using harsh exfoliaters or cleansing too often. Also trying not to squeeze them out myself! The only thing I'm using nowadays is tretinoin.. planning on going to get a pore extraction sometime. Ended up visiting the derm and confirmed it's acne. She prescribed be spironolactone but not sure if I'm going to take it. Tired of taking prescription meds.
  3. Yes! I have given up on trying to squeeze them. Stuff comes out but it seems to clog again anyway. It is extremely frustrating! I wear make-up to cover up and at first glance it just looks like my skin is dry or just really bad texture.. I wasn't on antibiotics for very long, on doxy for about a month and then minocycline for about two. Good luck with the accutane, hopefully you see some results!
  4. Hi everyone, I've been lurking this forum for some time now. I used to have cystic acne, and with some antibiotics, diet change and tretonoin, got rid of it. My skin completely cleared up and then I started getting these little bumps. Sometimes they turn into acne and usually I can't pop them. They are in spots around my face, mostly my right cheek and by my lip. I was wondering if anyone has this same problem and any suggestions? I really don't want to spend anymore money at the derm