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  1. well what i do is, i use basis facial soap, clean and clear blackhead scrub, euricin skin renewal moisturizer, dan's bp, and prescribed erythromycin. in the morning i wash my face in the shower with basis facial soap and use the clean and clear blackhead scrub after. then i pat and dry my face for 10 mins, put on dan's bp and wait another 15, and put on the moisturzier. at night do the same thing in the shower, wash with soap and blackhead scrub. then i get out a pat my face dry and i pop any ex
  2. wow! i just tried erythromycin and it works wonders! this thing clears up my face so fast. i started using it after my 4th or 5th week on the regimen and now it's great. this thing is amazing, well for me it is.
  3. ooo hahaha, oops sorry. i got confused when someone said 2.50 g
  4. wait if i'm suppose to take 10g's a day, why are people taking 500mgx20 for?
  5. do you guys use 250 or 500 mg b5? and if so how many capsules a day? i'm using 250 mg right now and i do like 10 capsules a day. 2 capsules per a bottle of water.
  6. well i had the exact same problem you had. in the first couple days every thing was goin fine, and i could see that i was actually starting to clear up. THEN THE HELL WEEK. where i started shedding like mad. my skin was completely dry and i can feel the surface of my skin hardening. then i just started shedding and you can see my face peel. and i went... wtf is this?!?!?!? after the third day or so, i was taking a shower and i washed my face and a huge chunk of this peeling skin came off. i look
  7. i disagree, i got a break an initial break out, and it was pretty bad. all the white heads came out from under the skin and after that day, it all went away. this is my second week in the regimen and i'm pretty clear, except for like 1 or 2 pimples now and then, however they go away in like a day.
  8. it's suppose to be the day renewel facial moisturizer with spf 15
  9. you're supposed to drink 80-100 ounces of water a day, which is approximately 8-10 bottles a day.
  10. easiest way to get good bp is online like this site. pharmacies cell their generic BP for a much higher price but their BP is pretty effective in my point of view. but if you don't want to spend money on that, you can dan's BP which is probably half the price and a little more than generic pharmacy BP
  11. well what i use, is 5% bp from the pharmacy but goin to switch to 2.5% bp to cause less irritation, eucerin day renewel lotion (works awesome on dry skin without causing extreme oilyness and it's really light), basis soap so when i get out of the shower it's barely dry. i cleared up in about a week and a half's worth of time. what i like to do is pop the realllllly small things at night, like the small blackheads and whiteheads where it's barely a bump. then after that, i wash my face and put on
  12. i love Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub. gets rid of all the dead skin on my face in the morning