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  1. Nah, he doesn't. Treatments I know he does perform: subcision, dermapen (with PRP), TCA cross. Might not be an exhaustive list, but I know he does those.
  2. How can it be free? This was posted in 2005, and the original poster didn't return...!
  3. Hey, thanks for posting this. I've read a lot of your posts over the past couple of years; it's encouraging to see another 'veteran' (as you put it!) getting the results they desired and deserved. Sadly I still have a long way to go in my journey but I dream of being able to post a thread like this in the future. My question is -- how many needling/rolling/dermapen sessions would you say you've had in total?
  4. I got a referral letter sent from my NHS GP to his office which got me a consultation (which I had to pay for, and I had to wait around six weeks for that). I then booked in for my first session - I think the wait was two-ish months - and recently had my second session. Am spacing them three months apart to help me save the money needed.
  5. ye he does seem like a money grabber Hey Pumpkin21, what brand new dermapen do you mean? He has been treating patients with the dermapen for over a year now. Or is there some novelty that I am not aware of? Btw I have had 2 dermapen procedures and it is wayyy better than the roller in terms of pain and results. He does NHS and private, you will be waiting much longer for NHS. Although I am on NHS i would have no hesitation paying for his services and I am contemplating doing so to unde
  6. After rolling for a week or so you will have micro-swelling which actually makes your skin look WAY better, but it's important to remember that micro-swelling is just a reaction to the trauma of rolling and during that swelling period your skin is in an inflamed state. Therefore, if you rolled every 2-3 weeks with a 1.5mm roller you would feel as if the results are good but ultimately the only progress you are seeing is temporary micro-swelling and you are in fact damaging your skin by rolling i
  7. In principle it's not a bad idea, but you need to be careful not to use a product that will break you out. Whatever you decide to put on your face, you need to ensure all of the ingredients are non-comedogenic: a list of the comedogenic ingredients you need to avoid is available on this website here. It can be quite difficult to manually work through the ingredients list of products to see whether something is safe to use. Often products will note on their label when they are non-comedogenic, so
  8. Great results and determination. Truly inspirational stuff! You are probably now at the stage where dermarolling and individual needling at home would suffice. See what your derm thinks, though.
  9. I'm an advocate of that book too, Matt. Amazingly informative and easy to understand from my layman perspective. Some quick wins people can make in their diets is encorporating tea and smoothies. My tea cupboard now consists of Rooibos, Green, Fennel, Nettle, Ginger and a couple of other antioxidant rich teas. I tend to have 2-3 cups per day, rotating through them in turn (variety is the spice of life, right?). As for smoothies, I picked up a $100 blender and each morning make a pint-sized s
  10. I've not tried it, but am a) interested in hearing about anyone who has, and b) potentially a good candidate to try it out. Right now I am undergoing regular filler treatments to try to add volume to my rolling scars, before moving onto a secondary needling/rolling phase (probably in the new year, unlikely any sooner - read more here if you're interested). When I am onto that secondary phase I have some fairly deep/depressed scars that I had planned to work on. I reckon they might benefit from t
  11. This is good advice. Bonus points for using fluorescent lighting. *shudders*
  12. I'd certainly be interested in hearing what they suggest.
  13. Hey. Sure -- I am with Dr Tukmachi at Dermadoc clinic. Thanks! How many syringes did he use? I only ask as whenever i've enquired about fillers i've been told it wouldn't be worth it as i would need so much filler for all my scars it would end up costing a fortune. A good, valid point IMO. I have had two treatments - the first was 2 x 0.8ml Juvederm Ultra, one syringe per cheek. He kind of just injected this all over because there was so much work needed. I then went back two weeks later - o
  14. Hey. Sure -- I am with Dr Tukmachi at Dermadoc clinic.