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  1. I'm too broke to buy any good MAC products, but Dream Matte Mousse ended up looking EXTREMELY cakey on my face, as everyone else said. I pile on two concealers, foundation, powder, and then shine-control powder, which is already enough for my skin. The Matte Mousse may be good for someone who isn't putting on so much make-up, but it's way too heavy and thick for my make-up routine.
  2. Thanks! I'm still new to this site haha, I didn't know where to post this.
  3. I'm SO sick of red dots and marks all over my face. My make-up fades and the redness is obvious at all times. I hate hate hate hate hate it. What do you guys use to get your redness to disappear? I used lemons for a while; I'd cut them in half and rub it once on my face, as not to spread anything. I'd leave it on all night and my face would look brighter in the morning, but it started to cause breakouts. Now I'm stuck and unsure of what to use! Help help help, it's almost summer! D;