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  1. Hmmm, that is something I have yet to really venture out towards... which products do you use? I have used AcneFree's (or Neutrogena's, couldn't remember which brand) sulfur mask and that didn't bother my skin but it also didn't seem make any changes to my skin. The only downside is, of course, the smell of sulfur eusa_think.gif yum, stinky eggs!

    Whenever I have very bad breakouts and my skin is feeling "tough" enough to handle it, I use aspirin as a spot treatment and that works pretty well. I also use oatmeal masks that make my skin smooth but are so so messy. My skin seems to prefer the more natural things as opposed to the harsh chemicals in a lot of anti-ance products unfortunately. :(

    I have tried all sorts of things on my face - lemon, oatmeal, egg, aspirin, green tea bags, yeah there's probably more but... that's besides the point. I feel they don't actively work as much as the more chemical-based products. Oh, the Burt's Bees acne cleanser seems to break me out as well! :( I use lots of BB but the acne cleanser doesn't work for me.

    ONE product that has not failed me yet has been the AcneFree foaming day/night cleanser. That bottle has lasted me almost a year and I use it daily. It seems to dry my skin out and keep my acne at bay for the most part!

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    Actually, I have the worst of luck in the sense that I have mild allergies towards both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid :( I tend to break out in horrible itchy, blotchy, red patches with tons of tiny little bumps (though skin does not become dry or anything). I'm especially allergic to products like ProActiv and Clearisil

  3. Hey everyone, I have posted on here before and decided to create this post after my calmed down skin has recently started to flare up again. I think the answer is blunt - some people break out or see clear skin with birth control... well, I just went on the shot and BAM! Breakouts all over my face and they HURT!

    I'm no longer in high school like when I created this account, but I still don't like going outside when my face gets like this, so I pile on make-up. Make-up is a hobby for me but it is also a life saver which prevents me from getting called pizza face too frequently (honestly, this used to happen all the time!).

    Lately, I've just been feeling super down. I've had acne for ten years now and I'm way tired of it. It has cleared up a decent amount from since I was younger, but now that I have a job and college courses and a wonderful boyfriend... I JUST DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE!

    It feels like there's a time in your life when you are just SICK of acne and anything associated with it. I am so aware that there are no "miracle treatments". I've tried every brand over the counter and just about every home remedy that exists. And still, my face looks like a battle field.

    I feel less confident knowing that I'm getting older and my acne has showed hardly any signs of going away any time soon. Eventually, I will be living with my boyfriend and the thought of having to take my make-up off every night skeeves me to no end. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

    I hate when customers (I work retail) stare at me and seem to notice the bumps and red spots under my make-up. No matter how much concealer, foundation, and powder I use... someone always spots my horrible acne.

    So how do you all cope with this issue - especially when it gets bad like this? Those random flare-ups that seem to control your life? I need some leverage or advice or something... I would go out and do a lot more things if my face was simple and clear. :(

  4. I'm desperate to rid of my nasty acne before prom. :(

    Prom is in a month, and I don't have any money for my face. I certainly CAN'T afford the regimen - I don't think I'd ever really push myself to buy $40 skin care. Anyway, I've tried pretty much everything: lemon juice, witch hazel, egg yolks, aspirin mask, etc. They work to an extent... but I always have acne, scarring, and a lot of red discoloration. It's embarassing to leave the house without make-up! So I'm asking... what's an easy and affordable way to help keep acne under control? My skin isn't very sensitive, so I'm open to just about anything. Thanks for your time!

  5. I also use crushed aspirin. Specifically migraine, as it seems to have more power in it. It works wonders, but it's so MESSY. If I don't use the aspirin, I use lemons. You shouldn't use lemons too often though, because they'll make your skin look like a desert. You can squeeze the juice and use a cloth to dab it on your face, squeeze the juice and drink it, or cut off small slices of the lemon and rub on your face. It dries out zits and keeps your skin feeling refreshed! I usually do this before bed. Good luck!

  6. No! I think it's safe to say that I despise ProActiv after having gone back to it over and over. The first time I bought it (ever) was when I was 12. It worked GREAT, except I noticed my break-outs got worse the more I used it. I stopped, and started again at 15. This time, I couldn't stand using it for ONE WEEK without nasty zits. So, I gave up and tried AGAIN at 16, which was last year. I bought the "biggie" kit which was $100 (fml) and I regret it so much. The only thing I like about ProActiv is the clay mask, which works nicely. ProActiv is really harsh, even for people with moderate skin. I'm a little between sensitive and moderate, and ProActiv KILLS my face. I'm left burning, rashy, red, dry, and scaly. I wear make-up on a daily basis, and ProActiv just makes my skin h u r t to the touch, so bad that it was difficult to apply make-up. Blech! I get the urge to go back to ProActiv every day, but I tell myself not to. I think everyone should stay away from it! I really wish you good luck! I've had somewhat severe acne for almost ten years and it's hereditary. I just want it to disappear, you know?

  7. I love lemon juice/lemons. It helps my acne IMMENSELY! I imagine it would stay fresh for a decent amount of time if you use it often. I also cut a whole lemon in half and store the other half for a while. It goes bad a little after a week or two, but I think the juice should be okay. It may not be as effective though.

    Sometimes I cut little slices off of the lemon and rub it over my face - once because I don't want the oils to spread. That works nicely as well. Have you tried drinking lemon juice? It helps your skin from the inside of your body! Good luck!

  8. Okay, I have pretty severe acne. I have attached a picture in case you didn't feel like going on my profile. It's 100% hereditary, and I've had it since I was eight or nine. I'm seventeen, so I've had it almost half of my life. Yeah, I've been dealing with it. Sometimes, it doesn't bug me. However, I'm in that terrible position at school where if you have one flaw, you're ugly, don't belong in a group, have no friends, etc. It's bad enough that I have nasty pimples that CONSTANTLY pop up over the night or during the day 24/7, but I have bad scarring from it, too. If I have moderate acne for a week, it doesn't matter because the obvious scars make it appear as if I had acne. It's truly an unpleasant sight.

    Back onto topic, I feel completely left out at school. First of all, I'm not the prettiest girl around. I try really hard to be, but I just don't fit in with the other girls. I just want to have friends, which, by the way, I have zero of them. I don't even fit in with the unpopular girls. They're always making fun of me because of my "pizza face". Yeah, we're old enough to stop the name-calling but it happens anyway. My skin is always oily as well, to the point where I can just touch my nose and my finger would look as if I dipped it in olive oil or something. It's not pretty. Anyway, I wear HEAVY make-up to try and cover all of these impurities up. Thinking it helps, it doesn't. They then make fun of me for wearing too much make-up.

    It's really taken a toll on me lately. It doesn't help that I'm constantly stressing over school work and trying to maintain all A's. My life isn't a ball of glitter and I can't buy anything expensive or organic to help my skin. I want to see a dermatologist, but I don't have any insurance/money for that. I keep my skin as clean as I can, but it just seems to get dirty within an hour. I'm so tired of it - it hurts my feelings and I can barely look at myself in the mirror.

    I've tried Pro-Activ, which ruined my face for quite a long time. My skin was rashy, red, dry, etc. after using it for around three months. I keep getting the urge to pick it up and try it again, but I know the consequences. I wash my face with oil-free, acne-medicated washes and they don't do anything to help. I often put creams on at night that rarely help.

    I get the feeling that everyone is staring and pointing at me, saying "Look at this girl, she has such ugly, nasty skin! How does she live with herself?" It's sad. It's not that I'm hideous - I've had a few boyfriends... but after the break-ups, they would always lash out at me and say they couldn't stand seeing my face. I understand it was probably just intended to hurt me, but it really did hurt me. A lot. Last year, I had a hard crush on the guy I thought was perfect. A couple months later, my friend told me that he told her I had the worst skin he's seen and he just didn't know how to let me go without hurting me too much. Ouch.

    My point is - I'm depressed. My mom knows I'm depressed, and so does my family. We don't have a lot of money, so nothing much can be done. I just sit in my room after school and sulk. I wish I didn't have to wear make-up or hide my face.

    Thanks to anyone who got through reading this. I know I'm ranting, but I have no one else to vent to.



  9. Nivea! Right now, I'm using Clinique's Dramatic Difference lotion (it was a gift, I couldn't afford it if I tried!) but once I'm out it'll be right back to good ol' Nivea. I use both Nivea Soft (kind of a fluffy texture) and Nivea Express Hydration w/ lotus flower and sea minerals. I prefer the Express Hydration - it makes my skin feel moisturized like no other. It's not too expensive either, and a tiny tiny tiny sample bottle lasted me months because so you need so little! Good luck!

  10. I'm too broke to buy any good MAC products, but Dream Matte Mousse ended up looking EXTREMELY cakey on my face, as everyone else said. I pile on two concealers, foundation, powder, and then shine-control powder, which is already enough for my skin.

    The Matte Mousse may be good for someone who isn't putting on so much make-up, but it's way too heavy and thick for my make-up routine.

  11. I'm SO sick of red dots and marks all over my face. My make-up fades and the redness is obvious at all times. I hate hate hate hate hate it.

    What do you guys use to get your redness to disappear? I used lemons for a while; I'd cut them in half and rub it once on my face, as not to spread anything. I'd leave it on all night and my face would look brighter in the morning, but it started to cause breakouts.

    Now I'm stuck and unsure of what to use! Help help help, it's almost summer! D;