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  1. I appreciate all the answers a ridiculous amount! THANK YOU everyone! I've decided not to go the Bellafill route. I'll be looking into stamping for sure. Honestly, thanks guys, this advice may have saved my skin permanently. My appointment's tomorrow & I'll no longer be asking for Bellafill.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I feel like I definitely did damage with the dermaroller. Dermastamp being something I should do at home or in office, in your opinion?
  3. Hi! I'm seeing a plastic surgeon next week regarding Bellafill for my scarring. Of course I've been reading horror stories about it as well as successes. Anyway, before I go I'd just like to know if any of you had luck with other treatments for scars similar to mine? I've done a series of about 10 TCA peels in total over about 2 years, but I've only worked up to 18% & therefore have not seen a massive improvement. I bought a derma roller, but I found the texture of my skin almost
  4. Heya! Been lurking forever, haven't posted much but think I'm finally at the breaking point. Quick background: Have had acne since puberty, only relief I've ever had was on Diane-35, which my gyno promptly took me off of after seeing my doctor had prescribed it. I do suffer from migraines as well, so the only pills she'll prescribe will have no effect on my acne. Have recently been diagnosed with PCOS, which explains quite a bit why no treatment has ever worked for me, whether it be antiobiot
  5. I started off with The Body Shop ones which worked fine, moved onto the Sephora ones (which I believe have powder in them?), those were my favourite! After I ran out of those I used the C&C ones which were okay, undecided how I feel. Now I honestly just use Starbucks napkins. Look them up on MakeUpAlley, I honestly don't know why but they work GREAT!
  6. Hello! I'm living in Paris right now too at the moment so definitely know what you mean about appearance being very important here. I agree with the girls about the mineral powders working wonderfully, other than that I just use Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. It's veeery very heavy-duty but I find it doesn't break me out at all & as a bonus it's waterproof so great for Summer! I'd avoid any sort of liquid foundation though until your skin clears up more as I find they just lead m